Thursday, May 3, 2007

Will I Ever Feel Good Again?!

Well, just as I'm getting over my cold, I hurt my leg. I have bad knees, and yesterday my left knee was really bothering me. I went to sit down to stitch and I twisted it and it popped real loud. The dogs must have heard it, because they jumped up in my lap and started licking me all over my face and hands! I knew I had pulled something. I couldn't straighten it out. I have done this once before. That time I tried to stand up and went straight to the floor - it hurt so bad! I finally got back up in my chair, and then had to wait for DD to get home and help me. The same thing happened this time. Luckily, it wasn't long before she got home and she got me the crutches. I went to the doctor the last time it happened and he said to take motrin, put ice packs on it, and stay off of it. So that's what I'm doing this time. So I've gotten a lot of stitching in, since all I can do is sit!! It's some better today, but I have blisters on my hands and soreness under my arms from the crutches. I didn't sub yesterday or today and I'm not going to tomorrow either!
Hopefully, I'll be able to walk again by next Monday. In the mean time, I get to stitch and sit! The picture above is my progress on Pooh. I don't know why, but I'm not really enjoying him. Maybe it's because I've had to do so many cutesy kids patterns lately, and I'm just tired of them!

So I took a short break from him this afternoon and started the spring piece I've been wanting to stitch. This is a freebie from Click on "For Stitchers" and then "Free Blessings." It has little birds sitting on the branch with music notes and the letters are tied to the branch. I'm stitching it on 28 count Jobelyn 2 over 2. But I thought the fabric was WHITE white, and it turns out to be antique white. I really wanted it on the WHITE white. I might give this one to someone, maybe my sister. Her birthday is on May 24th. Then do another one for me on the WHITE white! I have some 28 count Monaco that is WHITE white. I'm going to finish this tomorrow and work on Pooh again! Better go and try to sleep. I didn't get much sleep last night. My knee hurt too bad in my bed; so I tried to sleep in the recliner. That didn't work either. I finally ended up on the sofa and I was able to sleep there. I'll probably sleep on the sofa again tonight! Hope everyone is having a great week, and may God bless you!


Kendra said...

Oh I can sympathize on the bad knees. I have a torn cartilage in my left knee, and my right knee hasn't yet recovered from the stress due to the extra weight when I was pregnant last year. I don't know if it's on its way to blowing out or what, but it's not happy.

Hope you get to feeling better!

Jenna said...

May your knee heal quickly. They say crutches aren't supposed to hurt like that, so I wonder if they are adjusted as well as they could be? Before you know it, you won't even need them. :)

Cheryl said...

oh that sound painful. Hope the pain goes away soon. In the meantime..happy stitching :)