Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mom Happy Dance

I got it finished! I really like the way it turned out! I might go shopping tomorrow and see if I can find a pretty 6"x4" stand-up frame to put it in. It would fit perfectly. If I can't find one, I'll make it into a little pillow for her bedroom door. It was fun and relaxing to stitch this after stitching so many cutesy patterns for quilt squares. Now I have to get back to the charity squares. This piece was done on 22 count hardanger, 1 over 1. After I finished this, I stitched some on a flower and bugs square for charity and it is on 11 count Aida. Wow! That looked so BIG after stitching on the 22 count all week! lol I'm going to do the 3 charity squares that I have to mail before June. I got Pooh in the mail and he's on his way to Cole's Quilts.
I feel better today. I haven't been as fatigued as I was the last few days. I am getting tired now, and it's only 6:00 pm.
I'm not going to sub tomorrow either. I'm still resting up. I hope to feel good next week and be able to sub several days.
DD had a job interview today at Subway. However, when she got there, she overheard the manager "cussing out" one of the employees. She didn't want to work for someone who fusses at the employees! So she just took off. But she needs to work so bad!!
DD's BF (who lived with us for about 3 months right after Christmas) is doing very good. She came over today. She also passed the GED test. She's living with her father, and she is starting a full-time job at a daycare. She's going to start classes at Greenville Tech in the fall. DD is planning to do the same and then transfer later to a college. DD is also going to put in an application at a local daycare. When DD's BF was living with us, she sat down one day and wrote out a page of goals she wanted to accomplish. She has just about reached everyone of them. I'm very proud of her. I hope I made a little difference in her life! DD isn't about to let her BF beat her out, so she's reaching her goals, too. Don't underestimate how much your kids' friends influence them - for bad and GOOD!
I'm doing good on my diet! It's not all that hard and you get to eat a lot!! DD really got into it today and wanted to know what she could eat. I actually caught her reading through the Weight Watchers materials. She's keeping up with her points and I even overheard her telling her friends about the diet. Of course, her friends DO NOT need to lose any at all!! But they were encouraging her.
Well, better go. Rachael Ray is on and I love to watch her! Have a happy day, and may God bless you!


Mary Ann said...

A beautiful finish for your mom!! She is going to love it!

Chelle said...

The Mother's Day piece is so pretty. Nice finish!

The needle & I said...

Wow! Your mom will love it, its so pretty. Setting goals is so good and even better when they can cross them out for being accomplished, hooray for her.