Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Busy Days

Above is my progress on the guardian angel. I'm not stitching on it as much as I should. I'm not going to get this and the other charity square done in time! Boy! When you add a man to the household, there's a whole lot more work. You want your house cleaner, and you hate to leave dirty dishes until the next day! - All that stuff I could do when it was just DD and I. lol

Yesterday, DD's Dad and I finished cleaning out the garage. We started cleaning it several months ago. I'm a pack rat and I had lots of school "stuff" that I thought I wanted to keep. But I realized after 2 years, I had not touched the school stuff; so why was I letting it take up half the garage! I had a lot of picture books. I kept a few and I'm donating the rest to the Children's Hospital in memory of my son. The rest of the stuff went to the Salvation Army. I kept only 3 boxes of stuff. I'm putting my stuff in the utility room and DD's Dad is putting his stuff in the garage. We really had to get the garage finished so he could move his stuff in. I was so tired after working out in the garage and my legs were killing me!! Slowly but surely I'm getting my house straightened out! One thing I was worried about when I decided to let DD's Dad move in with us is that we both like to sit in the recliner and I only have one! But he brought his and it actually fits in the den. SO we both have our own recliners. I moved mine to a corner with a floor lamp over it - the perfect place to cross stitch!! We put his where mine used to be. We are still getting along very well and he is really helping me rein in my DD.

Yesterday we added another member to our "family." One of DD's friends gave her a puppy for her birthday. Her dog had puppies. The puppy was too young to bring home until yesterday. It is a she and she is part miniature dachshund and part miniature pincher. She's brown with a black stripe down her back. She's very cute and tiny! Her name is Beebee. My son's nickname among his friends was Blue; so DD named the puppy Baby Blue and Beebee for short. I wasn't real sure how the other 2 dogs would react to her. They were very interested in her, and of course, almost smelled her to death. But she really surprised us. We thought she would be afraid of the 2 bigger dogs, but no - she stood up to them and they backed off from her. She keeps trying to nurse on them, which is very funny! Coco, the male poodle, does not appreciate her trying to nurse on him at all!! But they are really getting along very well. Today we went to a thrift shop and bought a playpen to put her in. She wants to use the carpet as her bathroom. We grab her when we see her about to go and take her outside, but she won't go outside no matter how long we stand out there with her! She really likes the playpen. We have a crate for her to sleep in at night. The playpen is much bigger and gives her a lot of room to run around and play. I'll show a picture later. I've taken some with my little camera, but it's not digital.

Well, better go and try to stitch some. Have a happy day and may God bless you!


Mary Ann said...

Guardian Angel is looking nice! And, I'm looking forward to seeing a picture of the new puppy.

Kendra said...

Can't wait to see puppy pictures! I grew up with a Dachshund and now have one of my own, so I'm partial to Weenie Dogs. :-)

I bet she's adorable.

Old4sure said...

Can't wait to see new puppy pictures.

selina said...

it's very pretty :) Can't wait to see the photo of the puppy. I love dogs!