Sunday, May 27, 2007

My First Flat Fold!

Mom came over today to help me finish some projects. The picture above is the first flat fold I've ever made. I didn't think it was too bad for a first attempt. I wish I could show it standing up and from the side, but I had to scan it. DD has lost her digital camera. She seemed to like how this turned out.

And the picture above is a teeny little pillow. (2"x2") I have one of those wooden perpetual calendars that you move wooden tiles for each month. I hung this little pillow on that calendar. It looks very cute.

Mom and I had a great time. I had hoped to get a lot of things finished finished, but she and I talked too much. lol I plan to do some more finishing tomorrow.

I've made a good bit of progress on the guardian angel. I'll show a picture of it another day. I'm too tired to go get her to scan.

We all had a wonderful time at the brunch yesterday. There was a lot of laughter and fun! We did find out that one woman in our group has MS. She's the youngest in our group. We are all very upset!

Better go! I'm so tired! Have a happy day and may God bless you!


Carla said...

nice finishes Vicki!!
It's so nice that you can spend time with your mom doing some finishes :)

Margaret said...

What a fun time with your mother Vicki. These times are so special and create such lovely memories.
Congrats on your first flat fold - looks good!! What an adorable little pillow!!

Old4sure said...

Okay, I wrote a comment...a nice one too...and it wouldn't let me enter it. I figured it out, I hope, so I will try again.
I had a good time too Saturday. I think we can hear more when there are not as many of us. 9 was a good number. Your outfit was lovely. It was simple, but striking. At least I knew what the flat fold was/is. Sometimes I do not know the terminology, but I knew that one.