Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Cleaning, Cleaning

This is my progress on my sister's piece. It has really been a challenge to cross stitch this. It's on 32 count linen, 2 over 2. My eyes aren't all that great because IAM OLD! But my eyes are better on some days than on others. The first day I had to use my magnifier, which I don't like to use. The next day I could see the threads perfectly! I hope I get it finished in time!

Mom came yesterday. We both really didn't feel that great, but we finally got down to working in DS's room. I got all of my cross stitch stuff out of there. Now it's all piled up in my room. I don't know WHERE I'm going to put all of that stuff. Today I'm going to polish all of the furniture in DS's room. Then I'm going to vaccum and that's all I'm doing. I need to steam clean the carpet, but I'm not going to have time today. I'll do that this weekend.

Today's DD's birthday. Her dad is taking us out for dinner. I've got her a cake! After we get back from our dinner, she is going out with her friends to a club. She's so excited that she is now old enough to get into clubs. I'm glad that she's still not old enough to drink!! I don't think she will drink, because alcohol was involved in my son's accident. She wanted a Barbie cake - believe it of not!

Got to go. DD's Dad just got here. Have a happy day and may God bless you!

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Old4sure said...

Hope you have a good time.