Monday, May 19, 2008

Long Time, No Post

It's been a long time since my last post! I think my computer screen is gone for good this time!! I can't afford a new one right now, so I'll have to use DD's laptop for a while. But that means I can't show any pictures, and it's very rare that her laptop is free for me to use.

Anyway, I have been doing a lot of cross stitching! I've finished the Birds and Birdhouse. Happy Dance!! It is really pretty. Maybe someday I can show it to everybody! I also made a Mother's Day card for my mom. It was a flower wreath with "Happy Mother's Day" inside it. She really loved it and now wants it framed, after she told me she doesn't want anything else cross stitched to hang!

I've also finished a small freebie called "Summer House." It was in a newsletter I got from somewhere. The name of the site was not on the page with the pattern and that's all I saved. I am so proud of myself. It called for Crescent Color threads, which I don't have; so I choose my own colors. It's the first time I've chosen my own colors for a piece!! I used a couple of WDW threads that I had and DMC threads. I love the result!! I really wish I could show a pic! I'm planning to make it into a tuck pillow. I have so many things that I need to "finish"finish!

I'm working on a couple of new things. DD's birthday is this week and I'm doing a birthday piece for her. It's a freebie I got from Rainbow Gallery. It's a birthday cake. My LNS doesn't carry the Rainbow threads, so I also chose my own threads for this piece. DD's favorite color is purple; so I'm making it with purple, white, and brown colors - some WDW and some DMC. It's really fun to choose your own colors! I'm also working on a card for my sis. Her birthday is 2 days after DD's. I have a sister piece that I'm going to frame for her, also. I also have been invited to a retirement party for a dear teacher friend later in the month, and I'm going to do a card for her, also. I don't have time to stitch something big for her, so I'll buy her a gift.

Last month my family started a new family tradition. Well, really I started it! We don't get together often. I finally figured out why we don't. When my dad was alive, either he or Mom was in the hospital every few months! Of course the whole family would gather at the hospital and be there the whole time - so those hospital stays became our get-togethers! We really saw a lot of each other!! Anyway- back to our new tradition. We are getting together on each family member's birthday! Last month was the first one - my brother's birthday. We met at a restaurant. We had a great time! However, my brother wasn't there! He has been very sick, but we decided we would get together whether the birthday person could be there or not! lol
So we're getting together for DD's, my sister's, and my great-niece's birthday next week. Dear great niece's bday is in the first of June.

I just got a big box in the mail while I was sitting here writing this! I ordered several cross stitch books from that Bargain Books site. I won't let myself open it until I finish this! lol Guess I'd better close because I just can't wait to see my new books (which are my Mother's Day present to myself!!) I'm going to read some of your blogs as soon as I can! Please forgive me for being so lax about that, but DD doesn't let me use her laptop often. I think about my cyberfriends very often, though, and hope all of you are doing great!! Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!!