Sunday, April 29, 2007

Too Sick to Stitch

A short post today. I've been too sick to stitch very much today. I tried, but I don't think I did more than 3 or 4 stitches. I'm mostly suffering from a bad cough now. Guess I won't get Hobo Clown finished in time to mail him tomorrow or get to work tomorrow either, and I got a call from a very good school! I'll stay in bed all day like I did today and try to get well!
DD really surprised me today. She got the tent city in the back yard all cleaned up. They finally got the tents down last weekend, and I've been trying to get her to clean up the rest of the mess! Then she washed all the clothes, cleaned my son's and her room, (she likes to stay in his room a lot!), and even washed the dishes (her least favorite thing to do!). I was in bed while she was doing all of this. I was really pleasantly surprised when I woke up! I had told her if she didn't get tent city all cleaned up today, I was going to take her car! Boy! That worked like magic!
Heading back to bed. Thanks, everyone, for the get wells! Have a great week this week, and may God bless you!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Great News and Still Sick

I didn't get as much done on Hobo Clown as I had hoped I would. I did get the balloons finished. I haven't felt too good today! Still coughing and ears still stopped up! Mostly rested today. I hope I can finish him tomorrow; I need to mail him on Monday, if possible!
We got great news today! DD passed the GED test!! She got her diploma today! I'm going to get her a "graduation" present as soon as I feel like going shopping. I'm thinking about getting her a nice watch. We're also going out to Outback Steakhouse to celebrate! We're big believers in celebrating!! Her dad is planning on coming up here in about 3 or 4 weeks. He is going to stay with us TEMPORARILY, until he gets a job up here. He still hasn't sold the house he built in Hilton Head, but he's leaving it with a real estate agent. I hope he gets back up here before DD's birthday on May 22nd. He has missed the last 2 birthdays and she really missed him! She really wants him here on her BDay.
Heading to bed! Hope everyone has a happy day and may God bless all of you!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Confusion, Confusion

This is my progress on Hobo Clown for Colleen at Love Quilts. This one is really fun to stitch!

I had a rough day yesterday. I had a subbing assignment at a school for yesterday and today. When I got to the school, someone else had already signed in to sub for the teacher for which I was assigned to sub. This has happened to me before at this same school! The woman over the substitute program for that school was very late getting there; so I had to wait forever. I found out that the teacher had asked the other person to sub, but she could only do Thursday. The teacher entered it into the system the wrong way, and I ended up assigned for both days. But they could not tell the other sub she would have to leave! I really got upset, because I need to work, had gotten up at 6:30, and was ready to sub! When the substitute coordinator finally got there, she found out they had another class where the sub had failed to show up. So she offered me that job. Of course, I took it, but it was already 8:20 and I had to try to figure out what I was doing and get the class under control! They were not the best classes either! I really had a lot of problems with the class I had to take to lunch. But all day long, the kids were really getting on my nerves even though they weren't really being that bad. I couldn't figure out what was wrong with me. When I got home, I really felt fatigued! I went straight to bed and slept for 2 hours! I had told the substitute coordinator that I would sub in that other class on Friday, but when I got up from my nap, I didn't feel much better! I decided not to sub today and called and canceled the job; so they could get someone else to do it. It was a good thing I did, because this morning I got up with a bad cold again - sore throat, stopped up ears, runny nose, and chest congestion. I guess I felt so fatigued yesterday because I was getting this cold. I was afraid I was getting to where I couldn't handle substituting! And I really need to sub and I usually really enjoy it. I hope I get over this cold by Monday!
So - an update on my walking - walked 2 days. Then was too tired Thursday to walk and didn't feel like it today either. Boy! I really got off to a great start! But I did stick to my diet! Having a cold helps a lot! lol
Well, I'm going to try to finish up Hobo Clown tomorrow, if I feel like it. I'd like to do another spring pattern for myself. I also want to find something to do for my mom for Mother's Day and get started on it! Also, DD's birthday is May 22nd. She will be 18. I also want to do something for her. I have a lot of pieces to do in May. Plus I have to sub as much as I can to save up for the summer. I'm not real sure I want to teach summer school. I'm not sure I could handle a class full of students who don't want to be there! I still have anxiety attacks and can't handle any stress, although my life is almost nothing but stress! I feel so damaged and fragile since my son's death! The least little thing blows me away!!
Hope everyone has a happy day and that God blesses us all!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lots of Fabric

I had to start a new charity quilt square. I was looking through my book in which I keep track of the charity squares I have signed up for, and I realized that I have a square due May 1st. I don't know how I overlooked this one, but now I have to finish it quickly! Par for the course for me! This square is for Colleen at Love Quilts. I'm doing this one to honor my mom, because her name is Colleen, also. The picture above is what I'm doing for her. This pattern is Hobo Clown in the book Cherished Teddies on Parade published by Designs by Gloria and Pat. I got this book on sale last summer at Hobby Lobby. It was regularly $8.79 and I got it for $1.15. They had a lot of cross stitch books and leaflets on clearance and each week they would reduce them more. I got one of everything they had. I added it up and I got over $300.00 worth of books for about $80.

This is my progress after working on it yesterday afternoon and evening, and this morning. I really like the colors in this one!
Tomorrow and Friday I'm going to be subbing in the same class at one of my favorite schools.
That makes 3 days I subbed this week. Pretty good!
I went and visited my mom this afternoon. She was much better; although she is still very pale! I spent a couple of hours with her. We had a good time. After my visit with Mom, I went over to Hobby Lobby to pick up some threads I need for the hobo bear. They had their packaged fabrics at 40% off. I bought a lot:
1. 12" by 18" piece of Aida 14 in a medium blue
2. 12" by 18" piece of Aida 14 in a light navy blue
3. 14" by 18" piece of Aida 14 in a light tan with gold threads running through it
4. 14" by 18" piece of Aida 14 in a blue color that looks like denim
5. 18" by 27" piece of antique white 28 ct. Jobelan
6. 18" by 27" piece of lambswool colored 28 ct. Jobelan
7. 20" by 27" piece of 28 ct. evenweave in oatmeal color
8. 27" by 36" piece of 28 ct. linen in a color called waterlily
I got all of that material for $40. I have never done anything on Jobelan. I've been wanting to do something on it. I'm going to do a fairy on the waterlily linen. I have been wanting to try stitching on other fabrics besides Aida, but I can't afford to spend too much. So this was a great find for me!
I've also decided to work on me! I need to lose a good bit of weight and as I told you before, my doctor keeps telling me I need to walk. I know I do - I don't get up much when I'm not subbing. I love stitching so much! So - I've put myself on a diet - Weight Watchers. I have been on it before and lost 50 pounds. I know it so well I can do it on my own. When my son died, I was on it without going to the meetings and had lost 37 pounds. But I put that back on and more. I'm also going to start walking. I don't want to go outside though; so, I'm going to walk inside. It is open between my kitchen and den and it makes a good circle to walk. My doctor said to start with 15 min. and increase it every few days. I did 15 min. yesterday and was dying. I'm very much out of shape!!! My dogs could not figure out what I was doing. I was walking clockwise around and the dogs started walking counterclockwise! Go figure! Every time we passed each other, they would wag their tails. They are so funny! Well, I've got to go and do my walking for today, although I am pretty sore! lol Hope everyone has a happy day and may God bless you!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Not Much Stitching Getting Done

I spent a good bit of time yesterday organizing my threads, so I didn't get in much stitching. The picture above is the pattern I'm doing on the next charity square. I started this yesterday. It's for a little girl named Emma at Cole's Quilts. It's from a book named Seasons of Fun with Pooh from Disney published by Leisure Arts. This book was regularly priced $9.86, but I got it on sale at Hobby Lobby for $1.27. And it has lots of patterns in it. Pooh is a very popular theme for the quilts!

And this is my progress so far. Not much to look at yet! lol
I subbed today, and I had a great day. The kids were very good. I was at the same school I was at last Friday. I'm very tired tonight - too tired to stitch! Believe it or not!
I'm really in a reading mood for the first time in a long time. I started Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts. I really like her books.
My mom is a little better today. Guess I won't drag her to the doctor! Boy! This post really sounds choppy. I'm just too tired to make coherent sentences! Better go and get in bed early. If I get a call for a good school, I'll probably take it. Have a happy day and may God bless you!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

A New Finish and Back to an Oldie

Here's the finished Bugs and Blooms. I put the last stitches in today. Now we'll see how long it takes me to make it into a pillow - years, probably! lol I'll try to go to the fabric store in the next few days to get some fabric and a pillow form for it.

I pulled this back out and did a few stitches on it. I don't know if anyone remembers it. This is Little Moon Welcome. It is a freebie at Click on "Free Stuff" on the left, and then click on "Cross Stitch Freebies" and scroll down. I'm doing it on 28 count Monaco, 2 over 2. I like the quilted yard!
It's been a quiet, peaceful, stitching day. DD left for the wedding at 11:30. She asked her new boyfriend to go and he said okay. But then this morning she couldn't get in touch with him. She got all dressed. And she looked so beautiful! She went over to his place to see what was going on and he was still asleep. I guess he's a late sleeper like Katie. Well, he jumped up and got dressed. They came by here on the way, because Katie had left the directions to the church here. Her boyfriend looked very handsome! I can't wait to hear all about the wedding!
My mom and I didn't get to visit my nephew and the new great nephew today. My mom is very sick with a virus. I talked to her on the phone last night and I got up feeling sick myself today. I told her she sent it to me through the phone. I think it's just "sympathy sickness." lol I worry so much when she is sick, and she won't let any of us come around her for fear we will get it! She's always been that way, and if you go over there anyway, she won't come to the door! If she's not better by Monday, I'm going over there and taking her to the doctor whether she likes it or not! That is, if I can get her to open the door! Well, that's about all I have to say. Have a happy day and may God bless you!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Easter Happy Dance

I finished the Easter piece last night. I can just see this in a little frame. I think that's what I'm going to do with it. I'll have to be on the lookout for a little frame. Luckily, I have until next Easter to find one! lol

I am really in a springy mood! I did the little piece above last night after finishing the Easter piece. This is a freebie at Click on Special Offers. I'm going to do all the seasons. This didn't take long at all! I might make a scissor fob out of this. I need one so bad! Then each season I could change my scissor fob. I think I will finish the Bugs and Blooms piece that I started a couple of weeks ago. I really want a spring pillow on my sofa.
I subbed today at another school I really like. I had a wonderful day! It was 6th grade Language Arts. The kids were very good, and she left excellent lesson plans! I love subbing in this kind of class. I'm going to be at this same school on Monday in 7th grade. It's Math and the teacher called me personally and said she would leave a lot of work for them! So that should be a pretty good day, also.
I talked with the principal about summer school, but they are only having a 4 week program for students who did not pass the State standardized test. It will not pay much. I'm just going to send in my application and see what happens. If it is God's will for me to do it, then I'll get a call. If not, I'll be very happy and won't have any guilty feelings! lol
DD will be going to that wedding tomorrow, so I'll have the house to myself all day! My mom and I may go visit my nephew and his wife to see the new baby! I can't wait to get my hands on him! lol
Hope you all have a happy and fun weekend and may God bless you!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shopping Fun

Even though I was tired from shopping yesterday, I got a good bit more done on the Easter Love piece. These colors really give my spirit a lift! I love them!
DD and I went on our shopping trip. It went very well. I had prayed that we would find something quickly. You know how hard it can be to find just the right dress! Well, the first dress she tried on was "the one." She tried on a few more, but nothing looked as great as that first one. And it was only $35! We got it at the Old Navy store. She also found a pair of shoes very quickly, too. There were a few other "necessities" she needed, but she could get those with her friends. So she took me home and went back out. We had a good time shopping - just the 2 of us!
Well, now I know that God has a sense of humor! When I get calls to sub, it's through a computer system. I got a call last night for a job at the same school I was at Tuesday. I couldn't understand the teacher's name. It sounded like (first name) C T. I won't tell the first name, in case she or someone who knows her reads my blog. I kept listening to it over and over, but still could only make out C T. So I took the job, because I really like that school. I knew I had subbed for her before, because I remember not being able to figure out the last name before. I kept trying to figure out the name and then, finally, it hit me. The last name was Teague - the same class I was in Tues. and had such a bad experience!! I called the system again and listened to the name and that time I could hear her saying "Teague." I promptly canceled that job!! Now, tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor!!! So I'm not subbing today and that's okay. I wanted to just sit and stitch all day anyway. If I don't get a call for a good school that I like to go to, then I trust that God doesn't want me to sub the next day and that He will provide what we need. And He always does! Since my son's death, I have learned to totally trust God in everything!
I went to my framer yesterday and picked up the piece I had done for my new great nephew. It looks great! She really does a great job! I will take a picture and post it soon. Mom and I are going to visit them on Sat. and FINALLY I'll get to see the new baby! I just didn't want to go empty-handed. It ended up costing me $7o to get it framed! Boy! Prices have really gone up since the last time I had a piece framed, which was about 6 years ago! But it's worth it when you see your beautiful piece looking almost like a work of art!
Well, better go. I'm going to spend all day today watching TV and stitching! Hope everyone has a happy day and may God bless you!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Still in an Easter Mood

Is it too late to cross stitch an Easter chart or too early?! lol I was looking through my spring freebies and found this. It is called Easter Love. I got it at Trail Creek Farm, but when I went to check and see if I had the correct address, I couldn't find it among their freebies. I guess I have had this for a while. But if you want to see the freebies they have now, go to and click on Special Offers. I'm stitching this piece on 22 count Hardanger and doing it 1 over 1. I haven't stitched anything on this small a count in a long time, but I am really enjoying it. I have to stitch the flowers around the egg and the words,"EASTER LOVE." I'm going to make this into a little pillow ornament for next year.
I'm goiing to put aside the fireman teddy for a while. I went to the Cole's Quilts site and they have changed the due date for this square. It's not due until July, and I have another square due May 15th. I'm going to start it as soon as I finish the little Easter piece. This square is Winnie the Pooh. I'm really looking forward to stitching him.
Yesterday was a BAD day. I had a substitute job at one of my favorite schools. I got there early and found the classroom and had everything all set up for the day. It was an 8th grade class. Then another teacher came in and told me I was supposed to cover for her instead because she had to go to some meetings in the school. I had subbed for her before and her classes are AWFUL. So I had to go to her class and try to get myself all ready for the day and it was time for school to start, which really adles me! The kids came in very loudly and would not settle down. She didn't leave very good lesson plans - just for them to read silently! They were rude and made crude noises, etc. Nothing I did settled them down. I took 2 of my anxiety pills, but they didn't help. I called for an administrator and told him what was going on. He took one girl, but after he left, it got worse. After another half hour of this, I sent another note to the administrator. He came again. I stepped out into the hall and told him I was not supposed to be in this class originally and I was having major problems. He asked if I wanted to leave and I said yes! The last time I had subbed for that teacher, a class later in the day was worse than that first one and I knew I would not make it through the day! He said he would get someone and I could leave in a few minutes. Then I broke down and tears came. I couldn't stop it. I sat in the class with the students laughing at me for about 10 minutes. Finally, the administrator and the lady who handles the substitute program for the school came back. I told them I was sorry, but since my son's death, there are some things I just can't handle. They said no, that they were the ones that needed to apologize. They said that teacher did not have the authority to change me to another class. The lady over the substitute program said I was still at the top of their list and she would definitely continue to call me. She even offered to drive me home. But I went to my car and cried for a few minutes and was able to make it home. Then I went to bed. That teacher's classes are the only ones at that school that I have had such major problems with. I have learned that if the teacher does not have good discipline in the class, they will really be horrible for the sub.
Well, have to go! DD and I are going shopping for her a dress. Her cousin on her dad's side is getting married Sat. So DD wants a new springy dress to wear. Of course, she will also need a new pair of shoes! Pray that we can find one quickly! I don't enjoy shopping! (I know - I'm the only woman who doesn't like shopping! But if you don't have much money, it's really not much fun!) Although, I do love shopping for stash! lol Have a happy day and may God bless you!

Monday, April 16, 2007

A Little Birdie Happy Dance

I started this yesterday and finished it today. This is a very different style for me and I really like it! It's by Elizabeth's Designs. It was a freebie, but I couldn't find where I got it from. I've never done the stitch on the leaves before. (Is that a satin stitch? I don't even know!) But I think I did pretty good on them. I haven't decided yet how I am going to finish this. Maybe a little ornament to hang somewhere in my home?
I had a pretty good day subbing today. A couple of the classes were a little difficult to control, but they finally got with the program and settled down. I'm working at the same school again tomorrow. I like to go to this school.
I am extremely tired. I couldn't go to sleep last night until after 2:30 am and then I had to get up at 6:30. When I haven't subbed in a few days, I get very excited or anxious or something and then I have trouble falling asleep. So I'm doing this post and heading straight to bed. I hope I sleep better tonight. Have a happy day and may God bless you!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

UFOs and WIP

I can't believe what I just did! I had written out this whole post and somehow hit the wrong button and wiped it all out! So I'm doing it all over! So - I decided to pull out my UFOs and post pictures of them. I hope this inspires me to work on them again! I started this back in Jan. of 2005, before my son's death. It was in an old magazine and is named "Snowpeople for All Seasons." I had originally planned to give this to a friend, but I like it so much I'm going to keep it for myself.

The one above has a story behind it. I started this right after I started the snowmen. I had decided to retire at the end of that school year. I was so wrapped up in teaching and taking care of my children! When I decided to retire, suddenly I felt so lighthearted and really started to notice things I hadn't noticed in years! One day while I was walking across the school yard, I saw the most beautiful bluebird sitting in a tree. I realized I had been so busy, I hadn't noticed all the beautiful things around me. I made a promise to myself that I would pay attention to what's around me and enjoy the beauty more! When I saw this pattern, I decided to stitch it to remind me of the promise I had made. It is a large birdhouse with flowers around it and a different bird in each corner. I was stitching this when my son died, and since his death I have had several unusual experiences with birds. I think the weird experiences are my son's way of letting me know he is near and is okay.
The one above is a kit that I got on sale at Big Lots many years ago. (I have lots of kits that I haven't gotten around to stitching yet!) I decided to stitch this in memory of my son. After he died, I think I was in denial for a long time. His father moved in with us (only as roommates) for 3 months and I "played" the happy housewife and mother part for several months. That's when I started this. When it finally sunk in that my son wasn't ever coming back, it was harder to stitch on this. I hope I can get back to it soon. I already have a place for it in my den. It is "My Child" by Bucilla Corp. The poem says:
You are the poem I dreamed of writing,
The masterpiece I longed to paint.
You are the shining star I reached for
in my ever hopeful quest for life fulfilled.
You are my child - now with all things I am blessed.
Love, Mom
I am making some changes in it. The poem is written in present tense and I changed it to past tense, so "You are ..." became "You were ..." I am also replacing "now with all things I am blessed" with "and now you will live in my heart forever." I'm leaving off "Love, Mom" and adding his name and the year of his birth and death to the bottom of the poem.
And here is part of what I have done on it so far. It is too large to scan all of it at once. I really haven't done that much on the right side anyway.
And this is the charity square that I am working on right now. It is for a little boy at Cole's Quilts.

Here is my progress on it so far. I had to frog a big part last night. I got cocky and stitched a BIG part of his hat in yellow. I didn't check the key, and I didn't realise it was supposed to be red until I got down to his coat and noticed that the symbols for his coat and his hat were different! I got so mad at myself! I also started a very small piece that has a bird on it and says, "the first robin of spring." I'll post a picture of it when it is finished.
I'm going to sub tomorrow. I have also looked into teaching in Summer School this summer. The person over the Summer School Program for our district is one of my former principals, so maybe that will help me to get at a good school! He and I had a long talk on Friday and he added my name to the list. He said I was a little early and I'm number 6 on the list. That should help, too. There are 3 schools right near me that are going to have summer school this summer. I'm going to go ahead and talk to the principals in the next few days. I don't really want to work during the summer, but it pays good and I really need the money right now. This will be the first time I have worked during the summer since I was in college! lol
DD's BF, who lived with us 3 months, found out Friday that she passed the GED test! I am so happy for her! DD took the test 3 weeks after her BF did, so maybe we'll hear about her results in a few weeks! Well, better go and try to publish this before I wipe it out again!

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Here Come the Pictures!

This is the little piece I did for DD. I'm going to finish it as a flat fold. I've already showed it to her and she really liked it. She even laughed! She and I are both night people - we like to stay up late and sleep late the next day!

And here's the fingertip towel I finished. I got the little towel at AC Moore for $.60. I bought all they had. I like stitching things that have bright colors. This pattern is in the book Something for Every Season: The Best of For the Love of Cross Stitch, published by Leisure Arts. I think this looks so springy! I'm going to hang this in my bathroom, although DD is trying to talk me into putting it in her bathroom. I'm going to stitch another pattern for her bathroom - one with watering cans on it, but in this same style. I really like doing towels because once you're finished with the stitching, it's really FINISHED! The only problem is DD. A couple of weeks ago she was working on her car - something to do with the oil, (She really knows a lot about cars. Her dad taught her how to do everything on it!) and she used one of my cross stitched fingertip towels and got oil all over it! It matched a bath towel I had also stitched! I was so upset! She said she didn't know I had stitched it! She just doesn't think before she does things (just like her dad! lol). When her dad and I were together, we lived on a farm. We had a good many cows, 2 horses, a dog, and a cat. One day I looked out to see him trimming one of the horse's tails with my GOOD sewing scissors!! I was furious! Of course, this is the same man who scrubbed the white line on the tires with MY toothbrush! lol Just one of the many reasons we don't live together! So DD gets many of her ways honestly! (from her dad!)
I did my taxes yesterday! I'm afraid I'm a procrastinator! This was only the 2nd time I have done them. I almost had a heart attack though. I had made a mistake on the federal taxes, and it came out that I owed them $1,500!! I have never had to pay anything - I always get a good bit back! I had a bad panic attack! But I found my mistake and I am getting a refund! It took me over 4 hours to do them. Up until last year, my dad had always done my taxes. He was an accountant. When he passed away last year, I wasn't sure I could do them. However, I dug in, read the directions over and over and figured it out! I guess there's a little accounting ability in me, too. My whole family is very good at math.
I read on someone's blog that the SQW some time back was: What kind of blogs do you like to read? (or something like that). She was pretty upset because someone had said they don't like blogs that the owner talks about personal things and rambles and all. This has bothered me. I really don't care what other stitchers think about my blog. I do this blog for ME! It is like a journal to me. It gives me a way to get things off my chest and it's really therapy! I enjoy reading back over what I have written and seeing how I am changing and getting my life back together! I like it if someone wants to read what I've written and leaves comments, but that's not the main reason I have a blog! As for what I read, I read all kinds of blogs! I really like reading the personal things stitchers write. It helps me realize I'm not the only one having a rough time. Many times I learn important lessons from what you other stitchers write. I love reading about your families and seeing their pictures. I also like to look at blogs where the stitcher does not stitch the same style of patterns that I do. This inspires me to try those other styles and expand my horizons! I have learned so much about stitching from my internet friends! Well, I feel better since I got that off my chest!
I'd better go and finish the dishes! I always do the dishes while I'm writing my new posts. My computer is in the kitchen and I use writing my post as a reward for doing some of the dishes! lol I'm still doing them by hand - haven't got the dishwasher fixed yet! But I don't mind doing them by hand. I'm going to show a picture of the fireman teddy when I get a little more done on it! Happy stitching to everyone and may God bless you!

Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm Back!

I finally found a way to get on blogger! DD had to do some work on our computer to get rid of a major virus. After it was fixed, I could not get to blogger to do a new post. I'm so happy I figured out a way to get to it! We haven't got the printer/scanner downloaded yet, so I can't post any pictures today. I have finished the little teddy in bed and I started and finished a fingertip towel, too. I stitched some spring flowers on the towel. I'm now working on another charity square for Cole's Quilts. This one is for Timothy W., and it's a Cherished Teddy dressed like a fireman.
Yesterday I finally made myself try to frame the piece I did for my new little great-nephew, Thomas. I had major problems nailing in the tacks in the back to hold the piece in. The wood was so hard! Then the frame fell apart. I was really upset, because I paid over $60.00 for the frame and mat. I took it back and my framer is going to fix it and finish securing it and adding the hanger. From now on, I'm going to let her put the stitched piece in the frame and everything. I have always done it myself, but she said she washes the pieces and stretches them and she doesn't charge too much. It will be worth it, because I really have a problem making myself "finish" finished pieces.
On the homefront - we had a good time decorating eggs last Sat., but we didn't have as many guests as I had planned. At the last minute, everyone canceled except Joey and DD and I. We had a good time anyway. But before I knew there were only going to be 3 of us, I had ordered 2 large pizzas to be delivered. We had a lot of pizza left over! DD and I had pizza for several meals!
On Sunday, I visited my mom and we had a very good time! Then on Monday, my sister came and spent the day with me. We live about an hour apart. We don't get together as often as we should. We had a great time. We went out to lunch, stopped at a CVS to buy some Easter candy on sale (lol), and went over to Hobby Lobby and roamed around for hours! She stayed at my house for 14 hours! I was exhausted when she left at 2:00 in the morning! She used to cross stitch, but has not done anything in years. She picked up some material and thread and she's going to try stitching again. We're planning to have some stitching dates! When she saw the pillow I made for DD at Christmas, she said, "Make me an angel pillow for next Christmas." I had already planned to do just that! Now I have to figure out which angel pattern to do for her!
Well, need to go and work on the fireman teddy! Have a happy day and may God bless you!

Friday, April 6, 2007

New Start and Stash

This is a little piece that I decided to stitch up quickly for DD. It's a little bear asleep in bed. Beneath the rug, it will say, "Than to Get Up Early and Be Asleep All Day." DD loves to stay up late and then sleep late the next morning. She really gets that honest because I like to stay up late, too. This was a freebie that I found somewhere, but when I tried to link to where I got it, it wasn't there. I haven't decided how I'm going to finish it. I might try to do a flat fold.
Here is the link to Love Quilts. I hope that you will consider stitching a square or two.
I went shopping today - got a big substituting check and, of course, I couldn't wait to buy something. I found 5 books at Hobby Lobby on sale:
(1) Times to Remember in Cross Stitch - Kooler Design Studio
(2) Gifts for the Family in Cross Stitch by Mary Engelbreit
(3) Something for Every Season - The Best of For the Love of Cross Stitch
(4) Christmas Ornaments - Kooler Design Studio
(5) Disney Princesses in Cross Stitch
I also bought a couple of bibs to cross stitch for the new great nephew, Thomas, and a tote bag with an Aida inset for myself.
It was fun to go shopping, but I got very tired. I'm still having some problems with my sinuses and ears. DD is going to Carrowinds in Charlotte, NC, on Monday with a group of her friends. I'm scared to death to let her go, but I know she will have a lot of fun! Please pray that she gets there and back safely! Better go. I'm going to get up early tomorrow to straighten up before Joey (my son's best friend) and the others come over. I've decided to cheat a little tomorrow and order pizza instead of cooking and we're buying store bought cupcakes and adding the green coconut and jelly beans. (Don't tell anyone! lol) Have a happy day!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Rah! Rah! Happy Dance!

Here's the finished square! There is a lot of backstitching on these Cherished Teddies, but it really adds great detail. I have talked myself into liking backstitching and it worked! I really enjoy it now. It's not often that I change the colors in a pattern, but I'm very pleased with these greens! This square will be on its way to Rheana's quilt at Love Quilts tomorrow. I got an email today saying that they need more stitchers. I really recommend that anyone who wants to do something to help others should stitch a square or two. It is really a blessing to me. I'll add a link later.

The picture above is my progress on Bugs and Blooms. I am going to do this again for a little girl at Love Quilts.
I got a phone call today from the young man (I started to say "boy" but he's 20-years-old! lol), who was my son's best friend. They were friends from the time they were in daycare, about 5-years-old, until my son's passing. He was also in several of Glenn's classes at school. It's really bittersweet when I get calls from him or see him. He is like another son of mine. He calls me "Mom" and spent a lot of time at our house. But seeing him and hearing his voice makes me miss my son so much. But I still love seeing him and talking to him, because he's such a sweet "boy" and he reminds me so much of Glenn. He and Glenn were so much alike! And they were closer than brothers! He is coming over on Saturday. We're going to have an egg-dying party. He's bringing his girlfriend and DD's BF is coming. I'm going to make cupcakes with green coconut and jelly beans on them. We're having lunch, also, and I'm making sloppy joes (his favorite meal that I make). Every time he comes over, he wants me to fix them. I'll fix some potato salad and baked beans, too. Katie HAS to dye Easter eggs every year! I'm glad he's coming - it makes me sad to dye eggs when it's just Katie and I.
I was hoping to stitch something for Easter, but I guess I'll stitch something next week and have it ready for Easter next year! Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Make happy memories with your families and friends!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Rah! Rah! Rah!

She's almost finished! I've just got to finish the backstitching and sign it. I mailed the dinosaur square yesterday, and I plan to mail this one tomorrow. I have worked all day 3 days on her. I like the way the greens look. I have 1 more charity square that I have to finish very soon. It's due April 15th. I'll start it tomorrow. I also want to visit my mom tomorrow, if I feel like it. My cold is better, but my sinuses are still bothering me some. I've had a slight sinus headache today. I'm hoping it will be all clear tomorrow!
DD took the GED test Saturday. She said it was easy and felt pretty good about how she did on it. It will be several weeks before we find out whether she passed it or not. Everything continues to be going smoothly. She and I are getting along much better! We're talking more and spending more time together. During all the turmoil of that day that I threw everyone else out, she got very angry and finally pulled out the BIG gun - "You wish I had died instead of Glenn!" It really floored me - although I knew that one day that would come out of her mouth! I didn't say anything right after she said it. I was too stunned and was terrified that I would say the wrong thing. Later in the day when we had both calmed down, she was doing something in the kitchen and I was stitching in the den. I asked her if she knew why I had retired when Glenn died. She said, "No." I said, "I retired so I could spend as much time with you as possible. I retired so I could take you to school everyday and pick you up everyday. I retired so that you and I could do things together and so I could try to protect you! I love you more than you will ever know!" She didn't say anything, but we have been much closer since that happened and we are much kinder to each other! She's been cross stitching with me. I gave her a kit at Christmas that is 6 puppies playing in laundry. She has finished one of the puppies. It's a very hard kit and she has done a great job. I want to show a picture of it on my blog, but she wants me to wait until she gets it all finished. I'll keep trying to talk her into letting me post a picture of it now. Better go and finish that backstitching on the cheerleader bear! Have a happy stitching day and may God bless all of you!

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dinosaurs Rule!

(For some reason, Blogger won't let me write in between the pictures; so, I'm just going to have to do it this way.) Starting with the picture on top: I got it finished! I like the way this turned out. It reminds me of when I was teaching. Every year my middle schoolers and I did a huge unit of study with dinosaurs as the theme. They really loved it and so did I! One year I was even able to get a huge blown-up dinosaur brought to the school. As I was riding down the street one day while we were doing the dino unit, I noticed a car dealership had a giant blown-up dinosaur out in their lot. It was a promotion for a sale they were having. I pulled in and asked them if they could possibly bring that dinosaur over to the school. They agreed to do it since I was going to call the news and it would be some free advertising for them. (Maybe that wasn't the real reason - but, hey, mentioning it probably didn't hurt! LOL) It was a BIG surprise for the kids. They loved it; and the news was there. My principal was very happy, too.
Our school needed all the positive PR it could get!!
The 2nd picture is my new start. I am feeling some better, so I started this yesterday. It is for Rheana C. at Love Quilts. It's going to be late, but I'm still going to send it. She doesn't start sewing the quilt for 2 weeks after the deadline; so, I'm hoping she can still use it in Rheana's quilt. If not, then she can put it in an "any child's" quilt. This pattern is Cheerleader - Debbie from the book Cherished Teddies - 46 Sports and Occupations published by Designs by Gloria and Pat. I really like the designs in this book. They are fun to stitch and are good for the charity squares. This square takes me back to the past, also. My BF in high school, who was also my roommate in college, was named Debbie. Sad to say, we have lost touch over the years. I really hate that! But I think of her very often and remember the great times we had and all the wild pranks we pulled in college. Our room was the meeting place for everyone on the hall. My mom and her mom had really gone all out in decorating our dorm room. It was the 70s and our room was decorated in oranges, greens, and browns. My mom made curtains that had big orange flowers on them and we had cushions and everything to match! It was really a beautiful dorm room! I want my daughter to go to college and stay on campus so bad; so that she can have those experiences and memories!
The last picture is my progress on the cheerleader square. I am changing the colors of her outfit to green because that is Rheana's favorite color. I think I like the green better that the orange. I'm thinking about doing this again for myself and using my high school colors. It would be a neat pillow to have on my bed and to bring up happy memories.
Better go and rest. I hope all of you have happy memories in your heart and are making happy memories every day. If any terrible tragedy should come your way, they will help you survive!!