Thursday, January 1, 2009

Not Forgotten, After All

I am so glad to know I haven't been forgotten. Thanks, Carol and Chiloe, for your comments! They were so wonderful to receive!

I haven't substituted any this school year. I've been sick a good bit; they have a new calling system, and I haven't gotten many calls to the good schools; and I just decided I don't want to sub! If I'm careful, I can make it on my retirement pay, and I have more time to stitch! lol
The only problems are the furry babies; they are spoiled rotten! Especially Bebe! She sits in my lap constantly, which has really slowed down my stitching! She is curled up in my lap right now; so, I'm typing EXTREMELY slowly!!

I am very close to finishing the piece for my sister. I have run out of one of the colors. I went ahead and finished everything but that color. I just haven't felt like going to the store for it.

One of my resolutions this year is to finish as many UFOs as possible. But I have so many, and I do so enjoy starting new pieces! Have any of you started something, put it aside for a while, and then didn't like it when you went back to it? I have a couple of things that I really don't like anymore, but I've put so much work into them! That's why I'm going to make myself finish them. Until a couple of years ago, I only worked one piece at a time. I enjoy working on several pieces at the same time, but I've gotten carried away and have too many! Anyway, that's why I'm going to finish my UFOs. Maybe the ones I'm not that fond of anymore will make good gifts next Christmas! I'm also not going to let myself get so many UFOs again.

Speaking of Christmas, we had a very quiet but happy Christmas this year. (Well, last year now! lol) I worked so hard on the cross stitching, I didn't even get the house decorated. We didn't even have a tree. It's the first year that has ever happened! But my family still got together; and DD, her dad, and I still had a fun Christmas Day. DD wanted money this year. Her dad and I gave her money, and I picked up a few other gifts for her. But I'm not going to do that again. It wasn't as much fun, and it looked like her dad and I didn't give her very much.

Well, Bebe is driving me crazy! I'd better go and rock her. I just can't understand how she got so spoiled. lol Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!