Friday, May 4, 2007

Just Sitting and Stitching

I'm doing a happy dance (sitting down!) lol I finished this little piece. I made a big mistake though. The letter boxes are down one too many squares. But I just adjusted the border and left it. It would have meant frogging over half of what I had done. I don't think it messes it up too much! I love the little birds - especially the one in the middle with the L-O-N-G legs! If you want to get this little freebie, there is a link to the website on my last post.
I'm still staying off my knee as much as I can, but I'm not using the crutches today. As long as I have something to hold on to, I get around pretty good. The knee still hurts some, but it's not unbearable like it was yesterday and the day before! I also worked a good bit on Pooh. I hope to finish him tomorrow. I'll post another picture of him when he is finished!
I did manage to stand long enough to wash the dishes. But it made my other leg hurt, because I was putting all my weight on that leg. There weren't too many dishes though. I've been sick or down with my knee since last Friday; so we've been eating a lot of take-out meals. DD can cook; she just doesn't!
I haven't been out of my house in over a week! When I get to where I can walk without pain again, I'm going out somewhere for the day!! After the scorcher the other day, it was downright COLD today. I'm not sure of the temp., but I had to turn on the heat! We had thunderstorms last night! Really weird weather for May!
Well, Pooh is calling me! He wants his other arm finished! Hope everyone has a great weekend and may God bless you!


Jenna said...

Great work, Vicki! Spring is really cute and I still can't spy anything wrong with it, so you fudged the border very well. :) Have a wonderful, restful and healing weekend. *hug*

The needle & I said...

Spring is so adorable, I cant tell anything is wrong, looks perfect to me. I do hope your knee gets better soon. Ranae

Mary Ann said...

Very cute finish--it looks perfect to me!