Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Progress in More Ways that One

This is my progress so far on my mom's gift. I only have a little to do on the left side and then the words: "My Mother, My Friend." I haven't really stitched that long each day the last few days. I've been busy. Yesterday I went to the doctor. He had to see me before he would give me another prescription for my anxiety meds. He was very sweet. He increased one of my antidepressants and gave me another prescription for the anxiety pills. He was happy to hear that I am walking and starting Weight Watchers (WW). I'm doing the newest program they have. You keep up with points. I read the material carefully and realized that I wasn't eating enough Sun., Mon., or Tues. I have felt very fatigued or weak or something the last few days. I hope that's why. I might also be feeling "poorly" because I have had 3 bad anxiety attacks since Sat. I had one today, but I had my medicine and that helped a lot. I realized at the dr.'s office that it was the first time in 2 years that I made it all the way through the dr.'s visit without breaking down and crying. I told him that and he said, "You're on your way to getting better!"
I talked with my dr. about DD. He's her doctor, too. She takes a mild antidepressant, too. I told him how she has such bad PMS. That's why she was like she was last Sun. He prescribed another antidepressant in addition to what she is taking. He said that might even out her moods and help her with the PMS.
I tried one of the recipes in my new WW cookbook. It was very easy and very good! It was a sloppy joe recipe. I really liked it and you get a big portion to eat. I got several recipes off the WW website. I like trying new recipes. I'm real excited about my diet.
I'm not subbing tomorrow because of the way I have felt the last few days. DD and I went out briefly today to pick up the new meds and to go to a bakery outlet to get some Lite bread and other things for the diet. I felt very bad when we got back. And I took a headache - not a migraine, thank goodness. Just a tired headache.
I haven't gotten any comments lately. I hope it's because blogger isn't letting people comment. I've had trouble on some of your blogs posting a comment. If you usually get comments from me and you haven't gotten any in a while, that's why. I miss the comments!
I hope all of you are doing good and that you have a happy day! May God bless you!


Cheryl said...

The gift for your mum is looking lovely! Hope you feel better soon :)

Mary Ann said...

The gift for your mom is looking so pretty! I hope you are feeling better today!!

Jenna said...

I'm glad to hear that your visit to the doctor went well and that he prescribed something to help your DD, too. :) Feel better soon, dear lady!