Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Dinosaurs Rule!

(For some reason, Blogger won't let me write in between the pictures; so, I'm just going to have to do it this way.) Starting with the picture on top: I got it finished! I like the way this turned out. It reminds me of when I was teaching. Every year my middle schoolers and I did a huge unit of study with dinosaurs as the theme. They really loved it and so did I! One year I was even able to get a huge blown-up dinosaur brought to the school. As I was riding down the street one day while we were doing the dino unit, I noticed a car dealership had a giant blown-up dinosaur out in their lot. It was a promotion for a sale they were having. I pulled in and asked them if they could possibly bring that dinosaur over to the school. They agreed to do it since I was going to call the news and it would be some free advertising for them. (Maybe that wasn't the real reason - but, hey, mentioning it probably didn't hurt! LOL) It was a BIG surprise for the kids. They loved it; and the news was there. My principal was very happy, too.
Our school needed all the positive PR it could get!!
The 2nd picture is my new start. I am feeling some better, so I started this yesterday. It is for Rheana C. at Love Quilts. It's going to be late, but I'm still going to send it. She doesn't start sewing the quilt for 2 weeks after the deadline; so, I'm hoping she can still use it in Rheana's quilt. If not, then she can put it in an "any child's" quilt. This pattern is Cheerleader - Debbie from the book Cherished Teddies - 46 Sports and Occupations published by Designs by Gloria and Pat. I really like the designs in this book. They are fun to stitch and are good for the charity squares. This square takes me back to the past, also. My BF in high school, who was also my roommate in college, was named Debbie. Sad to say, we have lost touch over the years. I really hate that! But I think of her very often and remember the great times we had and all the wild pranks we pulled in college. Our room was the meeting place for everyone on the hall. My mom and her mom had really gone all out in decorating our dorm room. It was the 70s and our room was decorated in oranges, greens, and browns. My mom made curtains that had big orange flowers on them and we had cushions and everything to match! It was really a beautiful dorm room! I want my daughter to go to college and stay on campus so bad; so that she can have those experiences and memories!
The last picture is my progress on the cheerleader square. I am changing the colors of her outfit to green because that is Rheana's favorite color. I think I like the green better that the orange. I'm thinking about doing this again for myself and using my high school colors. It would be a neat pillow to have on my bed and to bring up happy memories.
Better go and rest. I hope all of you have happy memories in your heart and are making happy memories every day. If any terrible tragedy should come your way, they will help you survive!!


Hazel said...

Wow what a lovely bright design! Just thought I'd pop by to say hi!!

Jenna said...

Beautiful stitching, as always. I love the little cheerleader bear! How did your DD do on her GED. Does she know yet?

The Silver Thistle said...

Wow! That was quick! It looks great with all the backstitching.

Happy memories.

The blogger thing......it does that for me too. I just load the pic and it goes right to the top, then I copy the text and paste it in where I want it to go. Then the next pic does the same thing (up to the top), so I copy that where it needs to go.....and, and, and.

Hope this helps :)

Cheryl said...

Congrats on your dinosaur finish - very cute!