Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Lots of Fabric

I had to start a new charity quilt square. I was looking through my book in which I keep track of the charity squares I have signed up for, and I realized that I have a square due May 1st. I don't know how I overlooked this one, but now I have to finish it quickly! Par for the course for me! This square is for Colleen at Love Quilts. I'm doing this one to honor my mom, because her name is Colleen, also. The picture above is what I'm doing for her. This pattern is Hobo Clown in the book Cherished Teddies on Parade published by Designs by Gloria and Pat. I got this book on sale last summer at Hobby Lobby. It was regularly $8.79 and I got it for $1.15. They had a lot of cross stitch books and leaflets on clearance and each week they would reduce them more. I got one of everything they had. I added it up and I got over $300.00 worth of books for about $80.

This is my progress after working on it yesterday afternoon and evening, and this morning. I really like the colors in this one!
Tomorrow and Friday I'm going to be subbing in the same class at one of my favorite schools.
That makes 3 days I subbed this week. Pretty good!
I went and visited my mom this afternoon. She was much better; although she is still very pale! I spent a couple of hours with her. We had a good time. After my visit with Mom, I went over to Hobby Lobby to pick up some threads I need for the hobo bear. They had their packaged fabrics at 40% off. I bought a lot:
1. 12" by 18" piece of Aida 14 in a medium blue
2. 12" by 18" piece of Aida 14 in a light navy blue
3. 14" by 18" piece of Aida 14 in a light tan with gold threads running through it
4. 14" by 18" piece of Aida 14 in a blue color that looks like denim
5. 18" by 27" piece of antique white 28 ct. Jobelan
6. 18" by 27" piece of lambswool colored 28 ct. Jobelan
7. 20" by 27" piece of 28 ct. evenweave in oatmeal color
8. 27" by 36" piece of 28 ct. linen in a color called waterlily
I got all of that material for $40. I have never done anything on Jobelan. I've been wanting to do something on it. I'm going to do a fairy on the waterlily linen. I have been wanting to try stitching on other fabrics besides Aida, but I can't afford to spend too much. So this was a great find for me!
I've also decided to work on me! I need to lose a good bit of weight and as I told you before, my doctor keeps telling me I need to walk. I know I do - I don't get up much when I'm not subbing. I love stitching so much! So - I've put myself on a diet - Weight Watchers. I have been on it before and lost 50 pounds. I know it so well I can do it on my own. When my son died, I was on it without going to the meetings and had lost 37 pounds. But I put that back on and more. I'm also going to start walking. I don't want to go outside though; so, I'm going to walk inside. It is open between my kitchen and den and it makes a good circle to walk. My doctor said to start with 15 min. and increase it every few days. I did 15 min. yesterday and was dying. I'm very much out of shape!!! My dogs could not figure out what I was doing. I was walking clockwise around and the dogs started walking counterclockwise! Go figure! Every time we passed each other, they would wag their tails. They are so funny! Well, I've got to go and do my walking for today, although I am pretty sore! lol Hope everyone has a happy day and may God bless you!


Mary Ann said...

Great start on the Cherished Teddy square. And, WOW! you got a lot of fabric for a great price!!

The Silver Thistle said...

Hahahah, I can just imagine all going in opposite directions! Must have been funny to see, lol