Thursday, April 19, 2007

Shopping Fun

Even though I was tired from shopping yesterday, I got a good bit more done on the Easter Love piece. These colors really give my spirit a lift! I love them!
DD and I went on our shopping trip. It went very well. I had prayed that we would find something quickly. You know how hard it can be to find just the right dress! Well, the first dress she tried on was "the one." She tried on a few more, but nothing looked as great as that first one. And it was only $35! We got it at the Old Navy store. She also found a pair of shoes very quickly, too. There were a few other "necessities" she needed, but she could get those with her friends. So she took me home and went back out. We had a good time shopping - just the 2 of us!
Well, now I know that God has a sense of humor! When I get calls to sub, it's through a computer system. I got a call last night for a job at the same school I was at Tuesday. I couldn't understand the teacher's name. It sounded like (first name) C T. I won't tell the first name, in case she or someone who knows her reads my blog. I kept listening to it over and over, but still could only make out C T. So I took the job, because I really like that school. I knew I had subbed for her before, because I remember not being able to figure out the last name before. I kept trying to figure out the name and then, finally, it hit me. The last name was Teague - the same class I was in Tues. and had such a bad experience!! I called the system again and listened to the name and that time I could hear her saying "Teague." I promptly canceled that job!! Now, tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor!!! So I'm not subbing today and that's okay. I wanted to just sit and stitch all day anyway. If I don't get a call for a good school that I like to go to, then I trust that God doesn't want me to sub the next day and that He will provide what we need. And He always does! Since my son's death, I have learned to totally trust God in everything!
I went to my framer yesterday and picked up the piece I had done for my new great nephew. It looks great! She really does a great job! I will take a picture and post it soon. Mom and I are going to visit them on Sat. and FINALLY I'll get to see the new baby! I just didn't want to go empty-handed. It ended up costing me $7o to get it framed! Boy! Prices have really gone up since the last time I had a piece framed, which was about 6 years ago! But it's worth it when you see your beautiful piece looking almost like a work of art!
Well, better go. I'm going to spend all day today watching TV and stitching! Hope everyone has a happy day and may God bless you!


Jenna said...

Not almost a work of art, but a true work if art, with you as the artist! :)

Cheryl said...

Love your easter piece! Can't wait to see a picture of your framed piece :)