Friday, April 6, 2007

New Start and Stash

This is a little piece that I decided to stitch up quickly for DD. It's a little bear asleep in bed. Beneath the rug, it will say, "Than to Get Up Early and Be Asleep All Day." DD loves to stay up late and then sleep late the next morning. She really gets that honest because I like to stay up late, too. This was a freebie that I found somewhere, but when I tried to link to where I got it, it wasn't there. I haven't decided how I'm going to finish it. I might try to do a flat fold.
Here is the link to Love Quilts. I hope that you will consider stitching a square or two.
I went shopping today - got a big substituting check and, of course, I couldn't wait to buy something. I found 5 books at Hobby Lobby on sale:
(1) Times to Remember in Cross Stitch - Kooler Design Studio
(2) Gifts for the Family in Cross Stitch by Mary Engelbreit
(3) Something for Every Season - The Best of For the Love of Cross Stitch
(4) Christmas Ornaments - Kooler Design Studio
(5) Disney Princesses in Cross Stitch
I also bought a couple of bibs to cross stitch for the new great nephew, Thomas, and a tote bag with an Aida inset for myself.
It was fun to go shopping, but I got very tired. I'm still having some problems with my sinuses and ears. DD is going to Carrowinds in Charlotte, NC, on Monday with a group of her friends. I'm scared to death to let her go, but I know she will have a lot of fun! Please pray that she gets there and back safely! Better go. I'm going to get up early tomorrow to straighten up before Joey (my son's best friend) and the others come over. I've decided to cheat a little tomorrow and order pizza instead of cooking and we're buying store bought cupcakes and adding the green coconut and jelly beans. (Don't tell anyone! lol) Have a happy day!


Alberta said... at the LNS! Sounds like you had fun Vicki! I have no resistence at all so I try to stay out of those places, but every now & then, I get drawn back in! It's a terrible problem, isn't it? Tee Hee!

The Silver Thistle said...

Hope you're DD is having fun on her trip (It's Monday 5pm here, is it Monday with you yet? )

You got lots of lovely stuff with your check!

Mary Ann said...

Very cute start, Vicki!! I look forward to seeing the finish!

Lucy said...

I'm an early bird...that's when i have the most energy!! Oh, pizza...can't I visit!!!???? Don't worry, you're daughter will be fine and have a great me....I know the feelings you get since I have a son who loves to travel.