Saturday, March 31, 2007

Moving Along

I've really made progress on the dinosaur square for Christian at Love Quilts. I only subbed on Tuesday this week. I have finally found out why I felt so bad that day at the school. I was coming down with a cold. Now I've got congestion in my chest; my sinuses are bothering me; and I have a sore throat. I'll probably have to go to the doctor on Mon. But I have gotten a lot done on this square. If I don't end up in bed, I'm hoping to finish this today.
DD just left to take the GED test. She quit school right after Christmas. She's very smart, but she didn't like school. I couldn't force her to go. Once she passes the GED, she's planning to start taking college courses at Tech and then transfer to a college. She's talking about being a child psychologist. Yesterday, she and I went out together to find the high school where she has to take the test. Then we ate lunch and went shopping a little. I wasn't feeling real well, but we hadn't done anything together - just the 2 of us - in a long time! Ever since my children were young, I have tried to have some "together time" with each child as much as possible. I would highly recommend this for a parent - especially if you have more than 1 child. The Tues. before Glenn died on Friday night, he and I had gone out to a steak house to "celebrate" some accomplishment he wanted to celebrate. I wouldn't take anything for the memory of that night!
DD dyed her hair dark again. It's really darker than her original hair color, but it looks better and will grow out. She wants it back to the original color. I do, too! She and I are getting along much better since I made everyone leave. I don't think she realised it, but I think she was jealous of her BF. Her BF and I got along great! We talked a lot and she called me "Mom." I really miss her. She came the other day to pick up the rest of her stuff. She and I hugged and I broke down after she left. I really love her, but I was enabling her, not helping her. She has moved back in with her mother, and her dad is helping her get a car. Maybe I made a little difference in her life. I hope so. Well, I guess that's enough rambling for today! I hope everyone has a great day! And that God blesses you! Happy stitching!


Mary Ann said...

The dinosaur square is looking great, Vicki! I hope you start feeling better soon--those colds can really get you down.

The Silver Thistle said...

I've missed visiting with you Vikki :(

Hopefully I'll be able to stay on this time and won't miss any more.

I don't know how you do what you do, really I don't. The loss alone would kill me, but you to find the strength do it all and more. I'm inspired by you and just want you to know that I get the feeling that you're a very special person.

I feel for you when you say you're sad or upset and just wanted to give that teacher(s) a piece of my mind for you, lol. The BF and other houseguests must have put an awful strain on you but I'm glad you took a stand and hope things are getting back to normal for you now.

You've got some lovely finishes that I've missed and some great progress pics too :) Hope I manage to stay around this time (stoopid technology, lol)