Thursday, April 5, 2007

Rah! Rah! Happy Dance!

Here's the finished square! There is a lot of backstitching on these Cherished Teddies, but it really adds great detail. I have talked myself into liking backstitching and it worked! I really enjoy it now. It's not often that I change the colors in a pattern, but I'm very pleased with these greens! This square will be on its way to Rheana's quilt at Love Quilts tomorrow. I got an email today saying that they need more stitchers. I really recommend that anyone who wants to do something to help others should stitch a square or two. It is really a blessing to me. I'll add a link later.

The picture above is my progress on Bugs and Blooms. I am going to do this again for a little girl at Love Quilts.
I got a phone call today from the young man (I started to say "boy" but he's 20-years-old! lol), who was my son's best friend. They were friends from the time they were in daycare, about 5-years-old, until my son's passing. He was also in several of Glenn's classes at school. It's really bittersweet when I get calls from him or see him. He is like another son of mine. He calls me "Mom" and spent a lot of time at our house. But seeing him and hearing his voice makes me miss my son so much. But I still love seeing him and talking to him, because he's such a sweet "boy" and he reminds me so much of Glenn. He and Glenn were so much alike! And they were closer than brothers! He is coming over on Saturday. We're going to have an egg-dying party. He's bringing his girlfriend and DD's BF is coming. I'm going to make cupcakes with green coconut and jelly beans on them. We're having lunch, also, and I'm making sloppy joes (his favorite meal that I make). Every time he comes over, he wants me to fix them. I'll fix some potato salad and baked beans, too. Katie HAS to dye Easter eggs every year! I'm glad he's coming - it makes me sad to dye eggs when it's just Katie and I.
I was hoping to stitch something for Easter, but I guess I'll stitch something next week and have it ready for Easter next year! Hope everyone has a wonderful Easter! Make happy memories with your families and friends!!


Mary Ann said...

Vicki, the Cherished Teddies bear is adorable, and I love the color change to green--it will be a wonderful square on Rheana's quilt. Bugs and Blooms is looking great, too.

I hope you enjoy your Easter weekend.

The needle & I said...

Congrats, it so precious. I love the Bugs and Blooms too. Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed yours. I would love to stitch a square. I will look for the link in your future postings. Happy Easter! & Happy Stitching!

The Silver Thistle said...

How lovely that you had friends visit for Easter! I hope you had a lovely time Vikki. Belated Happy Easter wishes to you and yours :)