Friday, April 13, 2007

I'm Back!

I finally found a way to get on blogger! DD had to do some work on our computer to get rid of a major virus. After it was fixed, I could not get to blogger to do a new post. I'm so happy I figured out a way to get to it! We haven't got the printer/scanner downloaded yet, so I can't post any pictures today. I have finished the little teddy in bed and I started and finished a fingertip towel, too. I stitched some spring flowers on the towel. I'm now working on another charity square for Cole's Quilts. This one is for Timothy W., and it's a Cherished Teddy dressed like a fireman.
Yesterday I finally made myself try to frame the piece I did for my new little great-nephew, Thomas. I had major problems nailing in the tacks in the back to hold the piece in. The wood was so hard! Then the frame fell apart. I was really upset, because I paid over $60.00 for the frame and mat. I took it back and my framer is going to fix it and finish securing it and adding the hanger. From now on, I'm going to let her put the stitched piece in the frame and everything. I have always done it myself, but she said she washes the pieces and stretches them and she doesn't charge too much. It will be worth it, because I really have a problem making myself "finish" finished pieces.
On the homefront - we had a good time decorating eggs last Sat., but we didn't have as many guests as I had planned. At the last minute, everyone canceled except Joey and DD and I. We had a good time anyway. But before I knew there were only going to be 3 of us, I had ordered 2 large pizzas to be delivered. We had a lot of pizza left over! DD and I had pizza for several meals!
On Sunday, I visited my mom and we had a very good time! Then on Monday, my sister came and spent the day with me. We live about an hour apart. We don't get together as often as we should. We had a great time. We went out to lunch, stopped at a CVS to buy some Easter candy on sale (lol), and went over to Hobby Lobby and roamed around for hours! She stayed at my house for 14 hours! I was exhausted when she left at 2:00 in the morning! She used to cross stitch, but has not done anything in years. She picked up some material and thread and she's going to try stitching again. We're planning to have some stitching dates! When she saw the pillow I made for DD at Christmas, she said, "Make me an angel pillow for next Christmas." I had already planned to do just that! Now I have to figure out which angel pattern to do for her!
Well, need to go and work on the fireman teddy! Have a happy day and may God bless you!

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The Silver Thistle said...

That's a pity that you didn't have as many guests as planned for Easter :( But the pizza sounds yummy, lol.

You sound like you had fun with your sister, even if it was exhausting, heheh. AND, you get to have some stitching buddy days together to look forward to.