Monday, April 23, 2007

Not Much Stitching Getting Done

I spent a good bit of time yesterday organizing my threads, so I didn't get in much stitching. The picture above is the pattern I'm doing on the next charity square. I started this yesterday. It's for a little girl named Emma at Cole's Quilts. It's from a book named Seasons of Fun with Pooh from Disney published by Leisure Arts. This book was regularly priced $9.86, but I got it on sale at Hobby Lobby for $1.27. And it has lots of patterns in it. Pooh is a very popular theme for the quilts!

And this is my progress so far. Not much to look at yet! lol
I subbed today, and I had a great day. The kids were very good. I was at the same school I was at last Friday. I'm very tired tonight - too tired to stitch! Believe it or not!
I'm really in a reading mood for the first time in a long time. I started Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts. I really like her books.
My mom is a little better today. Guess I won't drag her to the doctor! Boy! This post really sounds choppy. I'm just too tired to make coherent sentences! Better go and get in bed early. If I get a call for a good school, I'll probably take it. Have a happy day and may God bless you!


Old4sure said...

Winnie the Pooh is always a big hit with the kids. I like it too. The colors in the other one are good. That always helps me. In fact, I have been known to buy a car because of the color...well, almost.

Mary Ann said...

Such a cute Pooh piece you are stitching! It will be great on a quilt.

The Silver Thistle said...

HOw funny! I spent a bit of time sorting through my threads too! It's worth it, but it takes an age!