Thursday, January 4, 2007

Still in a Christmas Mood

I'm still in a Christmas mood. Since I was working so hard on ornaments and other pieces for Christmas gifts, I wasn't able to do any ornies for myself! I started the ornament above when I was substituting before Christmas. I stitch on my breaks. I was doing it for the teacher-friends, but I only needed 10 for them, so I want the rest for myself. Below is what it will look like finished. I only have to do the leaves and backstitch. I was hoping to get finished with it today, but I have had a headache, so I haven't been able to stitch much.

Yesterday, we gave DD's BF a birthday party. A good time was had by all.LOL We had a cake, pizza, and several friends over. She started a new job yesterday. She has talked to her mom, and they are trying to work things out. She is going to continue to stay with us for a while though. I think it will be good for both her and my daughter. DD misses her brother so much, she doesn't want to stay around the house. With her best friend here, she doesn't miss him as much and they are staying around here and having their friends over here, which I like better because this way I know where they are and what they are doing!! It's so hard not to be over-protective where DD is concerned. She's all I have left. Please pray that I do the right things for my daughter and that God keeps her safe for me! Happy Stitching!!


Mary Ann said...

Such a cute little ornament! And it's so nice of you to offer your DD's friend a place to stay while she is working out things with her mother. I will keep you, your DD, and her friend in my thoughts and prayers.

Lili said...

Your anguish is perfectly understandable, Vicki. I am sure that things will be OK for your daughter as there's no such thing as a loving mom.
Love your little ornie!
Take care!