Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Current Project

This is my progress on the Picnic Sweatshirt square I am doing for Hannah at Love Quilts. I started it last Wednesday. Even though it is the second time I have stitched it, I am really enjoying stitching it again. I only have to finish the butterfly and flower and stitch the ants and grass across the bottom AND do the backstitching, and I will be finished! I'm not going to stitch the red border across the top and down the sides. I like it just fine without it, and I need to get it in the mail as soon as possible.
DD's BF is staying with us a few days. She and her mom are having some problems. I really like this girl and hope she and her mom can work things out. My daughter and I have a very good relationship. We don't always agree on everything, and I'm not always happy with what she is doing, but she knows I am always here for her. She knows I love her unconditionally and would do anything for her. I have always made sure that my children know I love them regardless!
I've got another cold - sneezing and snuffling. I guess I don't go out enough. I'm really a home-body. Better go and get back to my stitching! I have signed up for too many charity squares, but I really enjoy doing them. I'll just have to work very hard for a while. And in the future I will not sign up for so many due at the same time! Happy stitching!


Lili said...
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Lili said...

Hi Vicki!
Sorry, I has to suppress the comment because I hadn't finished it yet, and the enter button was pressed...
I am very happy that you left a comment on my blog. I came here to thank you for this, and I have been through all of your posts -which I scarcely do. I am a mom with similar views on how to be a loving mom -which is all our children need: unconditional love.
I am so sorry about your son and father -no words can express or help.
I think you are extremely brave, and that your lovely daughter is very lucky to have you -and her dad.
And, from a cross stich point of view: you do such beautiful work! I love all of your ornies, and the Picnic Sweatshirt project is really beautiful! The bags you have made are such beautiful and thoughtful presents, too! Congrats on all these!
I will be back to comment (as you can see, I'm quite talkative when it comes down to comments...).
Take care, Vicki!

Mary Ann said...

Oh, Vicki, I really like Picnic Sweatshirt quilt square--it is so bright and colorful, and will look great on Hannah's quilt!!

You had asked how long it takes the squares to arrive--less than a week. I usually receive an email from Joan that the square has arrived within a week of mailing it.