Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Another Update

Here's another update on Jeanne Love's Angel. I, too, am having problems with my blogger. It won't go to the sign in page. It just acts like it is downloading a LONG time. It finally let me sign in. This is very aggravating and time-consuming!
I visited my mom yesterday and today. I went yesterday and she told me my sister was coming to visit her today. So I decided to go back today to see my sister. We don't get together very often. Then today Mom and I waited all day for her to come and she never did. She didn't call or anything! We couldn't reach her by phone. Her phone must be disconnected or something! She does this a lot - says she's coming and then never shows or calls! It really upsets my mom! But, anyway, my mom and I had a very nice visit both days. Yesterday, we told each other stories about the guys we dated when we were young. We had so much fun! The great love of my mom's life was my father, but when she was dating him, she was also dating another guy that she really liked and who really liked her, too. So it was fun listening to her tell me about the moment she realised that it was my dad that she truly loved and had to tell the other guy. The two guys knew she was dating them both. They were all in college. The funny thing is that she said she kept worrying that my dad might be listening to us talk and was afraid he would be hurt that she was talking about the other guy. (Some of you might not know that my father died last year.) We have so much fun talking about old memories! Today, we talked about our babies. She told me stories about when I was a baby and I told her stories about when my son, Glenn, was a baby. We laughed and had a great time! She is doing very good, and I'm glad to see how well she looks. We weren't sure she could live without my dad. They were so CLOSE! My dad retired over 20 years ago for health reasons, and they were together 24-7 from the day he retired until the day he died! They never argued and always did whatever would make the other happy! They did everything together! We would say that they breathed for each other. We just didn't think one could live without the other! I know she misses him terribly, but she knows that she would not be honoring him if she just gave up and died. That's not what he would have wanted her to do. That was his main concern about going first - he would say he just didn't want to leave her alone! She has so many wonderful memories that keep her going! She is a very strong woman and has always had a positive attitude about everything! My dad was in the hospital a lot during the last 36 years, but they never complained. They always found something to praise God for every time he got real sick. The nurses and staff at the hospital would ask them how they could be so happy and positive with my dad so sick so often. They would tell them that they just trusted God! And that's the only way I go on living after losing my son - I totally trust in God to get me through each day and He has kept me going on. He gives me the strength!! Well enough rambling and preaching! lol Hope everyone has a happy, blessed day!


Anonymous said...

Your Angel is coming along so quickly and nicely.

Mary Ann said...

The angel is looking great! It will be lovely on her quilt.

The Silver Thistle said...

Your mum is lucky to have you. I bet it was fun to remember old times together.

I worry that I'll be a bit lost without my husband if anything happens to him, but he says he'll be worse if I go first.

I don't know how either of us will cope. Unlike your mum and dad though, we've been known to have doosy's of fights, lol.

Let's hope we don't have to find out how we'll cope without the other, for a long, long time to come.