Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Birthdays - Bah! Humbug!!

Here is an update on A Lady's Pincushion. I stitched a little more on it after I worked on the bear. I have finished more of it since I took this picture, but I'll show it again later. I didn't post yesterday, because when DD hooked back up the printer, she unplugged the keyboard by accident. SO - I couldn't type out my post!!

This is the square I am doing for Quilts4Kids. It's The Juggler.

And this is what I have stitched so far! I really like this! Of course, I like everything! lol
Now - about my birthday. It didn't turn out exactly as I had planned. DD and her friend, who stayed over the weekend, decided to stay up all night and talk and laugh very loudly! (School was out Mon. and Tues.) DD's BF was back and had gone to bed. That only left us with my queen-sized bed and DD's single bed. So I volunteered to sleep in DD's bed and let the 2 girls sleep in mine. Or someone would have been on the couch - definitely not comfortable to sleep on. I wasn't having an easy time sleeping on DD's bed anyway and then their talking and laughing kept me up. So the next morning I had a migraine and felt like a truck had backed over me. (a few times!) I had to cancel my lunch and hair appointment with my mom. I just slept all day. Plus DD (who wasn't so DEAR that day) was actually upset with ME because I had been angry about all their noise! SO - Birthdays - Bah! Humbug! I did get to feeling better in time to go to the Mexican restaurant for dinner. And I stopped by the book store and bought myself a present - 2 cross-stitch magazines. Cross Stitch Crazy and Cross Country Stitching. The Cross Stitch Crazy was the November issue. It was from out of the United States. I was really excited when I saw they had it. It had lots of great patterns in it!
I substituted today. The first day since before Christmas. I really had a good day, but I really missed cross-stitching! I am supposed to sub again in the same class tomorrow, but they are predicting an ice storm! - the one that has been out in the midwest or wherever it's been. They're expecting it to get bad!! I doubt we will be going to school tomorrow. How awful - I'll HAVE to stitch tomorrow. lol Well - got to go and do some stitching. Have a happy day, everyone!


patternnuts said...

I have a serious addiction to the UK magazines!
Your stitching looks great!
(I would have been so vocal to tell them to knock it off.*giggles)
Did I mention that I am a capricorn too? Jan 11, I turned 31!

The Silver Thistle said...

Thanks for the info over on my blog. I'm definitely interested in stitching for that quilt. Just have to figure out what I need to do and a pattern that fits in with that. Better make it quick though, to get there in time.

Happy belated birthday. Sorry it wasn't as great as you'd hoped. At least you managed to spend it with loved ones.........noisy loved ones, lol.

Mary Ann said...

The Juggling Bear and Lady's Pincushion are looking great!! I'm sorry to hear that your birthday was not so "happy". Kids-- you love 'em!:-)

Jenna said...

Ooooh, I love the bear! You do such great quilt squares and so quickly, too. :) Girls will be girls and teenagers will be even worse, eh? I'm sorry that your birthday was a bust, but you've survived another year, right? *hug*