Sunday, January 14, 2007

A New Start

This is what I started today. It's called "A Lady's Pincushion." It is in the same magazine that the delivery truck was in - Cross Stitch and Country Crafts, July/Aug. 1991. It was designed by Sandra Rogers. I have a lot of old magazines! I used to subscribe to several. But most of those are no longer being published. That really makes me sad. This piece is very different from what I usually stitch. I'm doing it for a small quilt square for Friends2Seniors. The bottom picture shows my progress so far. I am enjoying it.
I didn't stitch much today. I was still so tired from yesterday! I took a LONG nap. Katie's Dad left right after lunch.
I did go through my big box of stash that I found. It has a lot of fabrics - mostly aida- because I really haven't stitched on many other kinds of fabric. There's also hand towels to stitch, hopscotch material (not very popular any more!), mini stockings, and lots of other odds and ends. There are kits. And a lot of pieces I had finished but hadn't done anything with. A couple of these made me sad because they were pieces I intended to put in my son's room. So learn a lesson from me - don't take too long to finish your pieces once you've finished the stitching! Well, I've fed Katie and one of her friends. (DD's BF has been taking a break from us and has stayed the night at another friend's house. I really missed her. She will be back later tonight.)
Now I'm going to stitch some and watch TV. Have a wonderful day tomorrow!


Ali B said...

Hello Vicki, it was lovely to receive your comment on my blog - I love your's :-)) I feel such a sense of empathy for you my friend and I hope that 2007 will somehow be less painful for you. It takes a lot of time to recover from the loss of a loved one, perhaps never completely, but as the time elapses, things get progressively less harsh and we can remember the good and happy times, rather than the pain and tears. With love, Alison xxx (Ali B) PS I am just getting back into my stitching again and it feels really good to be making things - creating is very therapeutic and healing!

Jenna said...

That's a beautiful design, Vicki. It will make a wonderful quilt square when finished. :)

Mary Ann said...

This is going to be such a pretty quilt square!!

Selina said...

that's a wonderful design, Vicki. I love it. Good luck in working on it - can't wait to see it finished :)