Saturday, January 13, 2007


I forgot to show this finished. It is actually my first finish of 2007! I finished it before I finished the Picnic Sweatshirt square. I was waiting to actually put it on the little hanger, but since it looks like it's going to take me until next Christmas to get that done, I'm going to go ahead and show it today. I'll get it completely finished someday!lol

And this is my latest finish. It's the square for William at Quilt4Kids in Australia. I got those other squares mailed a couple of days ago. This picture makes it look darker than it really is.
I'm going to get it mailed very soon. I really liked stitching this. I hope William likes it, too.
I cleaned out my utility room today. I am exhausted! Katie's Dad is coming to visit. He didn't let us know until noon today. He was already on his way. Since our son died, we have both wanted to spend as much time as we can with Katie. SO - - - her daddy is going to move in with us and rent Glenn's room. We will just be roommates. I already said that we are good friends. He has had some problems job wise and I really don't want to sub much. SO we decided that if he moved in, he could help me with expenses and with Katie. He owned his own construction business. He built houses. But he is tired and sixty-years-old. He doesn't want to be the boss anymore. But he is having problems getting a job. He is about to sell a house, so he will be okay for a while. I know it is really weird, but our relationship since our separation has been very weird by anyone's standards.
He lived with us for 3 months after Glenn's death and everything went fine. Anyway, he needs to put a lot of his stuff in the garage. So when he has come, we've been cleaning out the garage. We want to move the rest of my stuff in the garage into the utility room, SO I needed to clean out the U-room.I really had a lot of stuff in the U-room! A lot of it was trash. Now when he gets here, he's going to take the trash to the trash center and the stuff I don't want to the Salvation Army. Now I have room for the rest of my stuff in the U-room. And I found a real treasure! I stopped cross-stitching many years ago because I was teaching and raising my children and I went through a bad time of depression. I almost had a nervous breakdown. So I put up my cross-stitching and didn't stitch for years. Then the January before Glenn's death, I had the urge again. So I started again. It was just like I had never stitched before. It took me a while to get good at it again! I have been looking for all my cross-stitch stash for 2 years now! I couldn't find it anywhere. I had begun to think I had thrown it away! I know - hard to believe, but I was in such bad shape. I really didn't know what I was doing a lot of the time! Well, under all that trash and stuff in the U-room, I found a big plastic box full of my cross-stitch stash! Material, kits, etc. I am so excited!! I can't wait to go through it. It will be like getting a great gift, because I don't remember what I had! Well, Katie's Dad is here now, so I'd better go help him load up the trash! Happy stitching!


The Silver Thistle said...

Nice finishes! His little face is so cute and brought a smile to my face as soon as I spyed him, adorable. Quick stitching on the quilt square too!

I was trying to find somewhere to do those donation quilts but can't find any sites :(

The Silver Thistle said...

THank you so much for the links to the sites. I'm so weak hearted and only got half way through the heartwrenching stories this visit. ...

Now I just want to go and wake up my 2 children (Callum and Brianna) to hug and kiss them and hold them tight.

I've got the sites bookmarked though and will take another look at them tomorrow and try to choose just one to make a square for. I don't want to over commit but it's hard to pick just one, they're all so brave.

Did you go though your re-found treasure/stash yet? Have fun with that!

Jenna said...

Nice finishes! You turned that quilt block out quickly and it's a great design; I'm sure William will love it.

I'm glad to hear that Katie's dad is moving in. That should help you both out a good bit and will be very good for Katie. :)

Congrats on finding your stash!

Selina said...

beautiful finishes :) congrates. Good luck with your new room mate.

Lili said...

Hi Vicki! Your two finishes look great, and I'm sure the young boy will love it!
I find it real good for your DD that her dad is coming to live with you. I hope it makes you all happier.
Take care, Vicki!

Mary Ann said...

Well, that is a cute little Christmas cat finish!! And, the square for William is awsome--he will love it!

patternnuts said...

More stash, never too much though ;)
We have started a new group and will be posting things that people want to find new homes for.... hop on over!