Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine Fun

I've been busy today finishing things for Valentine's Day. I finished the piece above by making it into an ornament. I had originally intended to give this to DD, but I changed my mind and hung this on DS's crypt. I usually put something on his grave on special days. I used a suction hook to hang it. It gave me a good feeling to put it there! I'll go get it in a few days and hang it in his room with the others.

The picture above is what I did for DD and her BF. I first started this on off white Aida. But yesterday when I went to a nearby fabric store, they had all their cross stitch stuff for 30% off. So I bought this pink and some blue Aida and some white Monaco. I really like this on pink. I stitched one yesterday and another one today. I have made one of the pillows. It's below. I'll have to make the other in the morning. The girls won't let me sew anymore today.

I also changed my mind about using the bee fabric to make the little pillow. I saw this yesterday when I was at the fabric store, so I went back today and bought some. It was half price. It looks squashed because I mashed it down on the scanner. It's not really this flat! lol I am going to add some bows and a hanger. Then they can hang them on the doorknob of their rooms. I didn't make a tuck pillow this time. I decided that's a little too much work for me. I can just sew on the borders and the back. The tuck pillow takes too much measuring. I couldn't get the center opening the size I wanted it.
When I was at the store today, I saw a sale table. So I went and rummaged through the things to see if there was anything I wanted. AND you won't believe it! But I found 2 Q-Snaps for 60% off. They were just $3.50 a piece! I've been wanting to get myself one! I bought both of them - one for me and one for DD. I love it when I find things on sale!!! I tried stitching using the Q-Snap . I really like it, but it is heavier than a hoop. Well, got to go. I want to watch House and DD is threatening to turn it to something else. Have a happy day!


Lili said...

These are such lovely finishes! Putting the heart on your DS's crypt is such a thoughtful and loving idea, Vicki.
Take care.

Anonymous said...

Your finishes are beautiful. Lovely and loving gesture to put the ornament on your DS's crypt.

Carla said...

your Valentine finishes are both beautiful!!

Mary Ann said...

Happy Valentine's Day, Vicki! Your Valentine finishes are lovely. Putting the ornament on your son's crypt is such a loving thing to do.

The Silver Thistle said...

I think it's lovely that you took your son's ornament to his crypt. Very touching thing to do.

Belated 'Happy Vanlentine's Day' to you and yours Vikki :D