Thursday, February 8, 2007

Little Moon Welcome

This is my newest start. I'm doing this one for me! It's a freebie and you can get it here: But when I do something for myself, it seems to go slower. Go figure! Plus I stitched a large portion off one thread!

This is all I got done and I worked all day on it! You can see where I had to take out part of it - a BIG part. It was the roof over the windows. I'm doing it on 28 count Monaco tea fabric. It's 2 over 2. I'm only going to work on it a few days and then get back to the charity stitching.
Today has been a rough day. DD wasn't in a very good mood and she took it out on everyone in the house - especially me! Her exboyfriend's grandmother died. She had visited his grandmother several times. She got very upset. I know she's still trying to deal with my son's and my father's deaths. She just goes berzerk whenever she hears that someone has died. She also got very upset that Anna Nicole Smith died! She has a lot of anger built up. She has been in counseling, but I'm not sure it helped very much. I try to be understanding, but she just kept yelling at ME - like it was all my fault. She stressed me out so that I took another migraine headache! Got to go ! She HAS to have the computer right this second!


Anonymous said...

Your new start is very pretty. I'm sorry your daughter is having a difficult time. May you have wisdom in dealing with her and helping her :0)

Lucy said...

I think you are being the "cat that gets kicked". The only thing you can do is be there for your daughter during this time...hope that helps her.
Thank you for the cross stitch link. I love it!!! Their free alphabets are very tempting!

Stitch or no stitch said...

What an adorable pattern Vicki and you've made a great start.
I'm so sorry that things are difficult for your daughter and therefore for you as well. I hope things will improve very soon.

Jenna said...

Counseling can take time to work, depending on your attitude towards it and how open you are with the counselor. I would encourage you to help her find some sort of outlet and someone to talk to, other than her mom. No offense meant by that, but she needs someone skilled to draw out the pain and help her work through it. Good luck!