Friday, February 16, 2007

Bees with Bows

DD took this picture of her pillow with its bow for me. I really wanted her to also show the hanger but she thought I just wanted the pillow up close. It's hanging on her bedroom door. I am very happy with these little pillows! And as you can see, it's not real FLAT like it was in a previous post! lol
I spent yesterday with my mom. She LOVED the Chocolate Covered Cherries pillow. She ran around the den hanging it on everything, trying to find the perfect place for it! She was very surprised when she opened the candy box and saw the pillow instead of candy! I did include a couple of candy bars so she wouldn't be too disappointed that there was not Whitman's candy in the box! lol It's so much fun to stitch things for other people!!

This is what I am working on right now. It's in the booklet Precious Moments: Friendship by Gloria and Pat Designs. It's for Georgia B. at Quilts4Kids. It's much harder than what I usually do for charity. DD was sitting beside me when I was trying to choose what to do. I asked her which one I should do. She told me this one and I signed up for it. Then she said, "Oh, I thought you wanted me to pick out something for you to do for me!" So it's very hard and now I have to do 2 of them!! lol

This is my progress on it so far. I started this using my new Q Snaps, but I'm not used to using it yet and it really slowed me down. Since I need to get this done quickly, I changed back to my old faithful hoop! I'm having to force myself to stitch this. Right now it's just pastels and I'm not too crazy about pastels. I love bright, vibrant colors. But I keep telling myself that I like the colors and I can fool myself pretty easily. lol!!

And last but not least, this is my progress on Little Moon Welcome. I'm not going to get to stitch on it very much for a while, because I have to finish several squares for charity first!
That's all my news! Need to go stitch on the Precious Moments piece. Have a happy stitching day!


Lucy said...

I is fun to stitch for others. I just ordered something today to do for my sister...and I can't wait to get it to get started.

Sue said...

Your WIP'S are looking great.

Mary Ann said...

The little Bee Mine pillow is lovely! And your WIP's are looking fantastic!!