Saturday, February 3, 2007

Valentine for DD

My latest finish!! I have been working on this all week as well as the Chocolate Covered Cherries. This is a Valentine's Day gift for my daughter. It's a freebie called Valentine Stamp, but I don't know where I got it from. It was a pdf file and my printer had reached its limit on pdf files, so the words did not print, just the graph. I tried a google search, but couldn't find it. (I found out where I got this - it's here: Click on the first picture. Then click on Free Charts written in red on the left side.) If anyone is planning to stitch this, I would recommend not doing it on white material. I added the backstitching around the outside because you could not see the white around the edge. It didn't look like a stamp, so I backstitched it with gray thread (DMC # 318). I think it looks okay. This was pretty hard to stitch. It has 5 shades of red and 4 shades of blue in it! It's 2" by 3". I am going to put it on padded cardboard with red self-sticking felt on the back. I'll show a picture when I get it done. I actually did some housework today. lol
My parakeet, PD Bird, bit me. He must think I haven't been showing him enough attention. I'm the only person he will let stick a hand in his cage. I don't know why he was mad at me - I cleaned out his cage today! lol
I realized that I haven't told anything about my dogs - "The Kids." I have 2 poodles. The oldest is Sugar, a black female. She is a miniature - weighs 11 lbs. She is 5-yrs-old. My aunt gave her to me, because Sugar was bad to get under her feet and she is elderly and was afraid she would trip on Sugar and break her hip. Her daughters had given her Sugar to keep her company after my uncle died. I have had her 3 yrs. She gave her to us after we got Coco. Coco is a chocolate brown toy poodle. He weighs 6 lbs. He is 4 yrs old, and we've had him 3.5 yrs. They get along so well. Coco is my "cross stitching buddy!" He sits in my lap while I stitch. When he decides I have stitched enough, he will bump my left elbow to tell me to stop. I usually stop a few minutes and give him some attention. When I first started stitching again 2 years ago, he wasn't happy at all! He would lay on top of my pattern so I couldn't see it! He also does that when I am reading! They both sleep with me. I think Coco is half cat or lived with someone who had a cat. He licks his paw and washes his face like a cat does. He also sits on the top of the back of the loveseat in front of the glass sliding doors. He looks just like a cat sitting there. I don't know how I could have survived the last 2 years without them! They constantly entertain me and keep me laughing! And if I cry, they get up in my lap and lick away my tears. When I have a migraine headache, I put a cold washcloth on my head. When they see the washcloth, they will get in bed with me and lick my face. Sugar tries real hard to talk to me. She will get in my lap and stare me directly in the eyes. I know when she does this, she wants something. I say, "Okay, what do you want?" She will jump down and take off to the door if she wants to go out, or to her bowls if she needs water or food. I can ask either one where the other one is and they will look around and then go to where they are and stand there and look at me and then back to where ever the other is hiding. Sugar is very sweet and can actually give a good hug! Coco is a little stiff, but he gives marvelous licks! I am so thankful that God brought these 2 precious little creatures into my life. (and PD Bird, too, even if he is mean sometimes! lol) Happy stitching everyone!


Anonymous said...

What a pretty heart, I'm sure your daughter will love it.

Jenna said...

Your two furbabies sound like wonderful companions, Vicki. I'm glad that you have them in your life to enrich it and provide you with unconditional love and support. *hug*

Cheryl said...

Your finish is lovely! Your dogs sound great. My sister has just got a puppy and he's adorable.

The Silver Thistle said...

I love the shading on the love stamp. Very effective. And the edges look great with the backstiching.

Our little furry friends are such wonderful companions and I'm so glad you have yours to help cheer your sadder moments.

How funny that he washes his face like a cat, lol. That must be cute to see!