Saturday, February 17, 2007

Precious Moments Update

This is my progress on the Precious Moments square for Georgia at Quilts4Kids in Australia. These little sweeties really have large heads! lol It took me all day to do her hair! I was almost finished with the skin colored part on her face and realized I was off 1 square. I had to take it all out and do it all over again! I wish I was better at counting! Thank goodness I taught Language Arts and not Math! lol I didn't stitch much yesterday. I was really tired after spending Thurs. with my mom. I slept almost all day yesterday! I've felt good today. I did some housework - dusting, the dishes, laundry, etc.
DD is very happy right now. She went out tonight with an exboyfriend that she still likes a lot. She was very excited when he called her. She is so dramatic about everything! I guess it goes with her age. I liked this guy, too, but he really did her pretty dirty. I don't want her to get hurt again! But I know if I say too much, she will resent it. She's still so young - only 17. She'll be 18 in May. She thinks she is grown! Guess I'll have to keep praying that God continues to watch over her for me!
Better go and stitch some more. Have a happy day everyone!


Lili said...

I guess mummies all want to protect their children from heartaches... Unfortunately, it is something they have to experience. All we can hope is that they learn from their "mistakes"...
Lovely precious moments stitching!
Take care, Vicki

The Silver Thistle said...

They do have big head's, don't they?! ! LOL

I vaguely remember being's just a distant memory for me now, heheh. Sounds like your DD is having fun and from what I remember, being dramatic is what it's all about, lol.

Take care Vikki.

Anonymous said...

Your Precious Moments piece is so pretty. It's coming along very nicely.

Jenna said...

I had a boy do me really wrong and then come crawling back and hurt me all over again. It's all part of life. I'm sure that no matter what happens, she will be fine. :)