Sunday, February 25, 2007

Ladybug Address

Patternut and others wanted to know where I found the Ladybug with the Umbrella. I looked until I found it! It's here: Click on "Patronen" on the left. The Ladybug is "Patronen van borduurblad 11."
I've been very busy today working on the angel for Lynzee. I'm going to go ahead and send in the one I have finished. I'm not sure I will get the 2nd one finished in time. I am still having problems with it. I can't seem to count it correctly. Maybe it's just not meant for me to stitch that pattern! lol I would show a picture of my progress, but somebody (not me) unplugged the printer/scanner, and I don't know how to plug it back up. So I'll show it tomorrow.
Better go. It's getting late and the dogs want some attention. Happy stitching!


patternnuts said...

Thank you for replying! It's just too cute! ( I think my daughter would really like it!)

The Silver Thistle said...

I've finally got back online and came expecting to have heaps to catch up with, but thankfully I haven't missed all the fun :)

I've bookmarked the pattern and it's added to my HOOGE 'to do' list, lol