Saturday, February 24, 2007

PM Girls and a New Start

First, an update on my progress on Precious Moments girls. The flowers are still hard! But I've had to put them aside for a few days. I went to Love Quilts to check out the squares that they have received. I was looking a Lynzee's squares. I thought her squares were due Mar. 30. I noticed a lot of her squares have been sent in, so I checked the date on hers and they are due Mar. 1! I have one of the squares for her finished (Jeanne Love's Angel), but still need to do another one! So - I've been working on another one for her. I have to mail hers in the next few days! The picture below is the 2nd angel I am doing for her.

This is Rose Buddington designed by Linda Connors from Calico Crossroads. I didn't have any white 14 count Aida and Love Quilts requires WHITE cloth. So I looked through my stash and found some WHITE 22 count Aida. I'm stitching her over 2 threads. She'll really turn out better a little larger.

This is my progress on her so far. I have had a hard time with her, also. I did a lot of her pinafore and then realized I didn't have it centered right. I took all of that out and started in another place and did another big section wrong. After I got that out, I put her aside and did housework - dusting, vacuuming, etc. My den looks great. Then I started her over for the 3rd time and it seems to be going along okay now! I'm going to "hibernate" tomorrow and just work on her! Better go and get busy now! Happy stitching!

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Sue said...

Your pieces look great. Nothing like a little unexpected pressure, huh?