Friday, November 30, 2007

Stitching Away

The 2 charts above are my latest additions to my stash. I went to WalMart to pick up some bedroom shoes DD wants for Christmas. I decided to stop by the cross stitch section - are any of you able to go into a store that sells Xstitch stuff and resist browsing through the Xstitch stuff!? lol I certainly can't! I guess WalMart is downsizing their Xstitch section; they had almost everything on sale! I got these 2 charts and a LOT of huck towels dirt cheap! I like doing the huck towels and they make great gifts! I'm going to do the horses for Jerry. He LOVES horses. When we were together, we had a farm complete with cows, 2 horses, dogs, and cats! I really miss it! Anyway, he's been hinting that he would like for me to stitch him something horsey! This will NOT be for Christmas - maybe his birthday next July!
And the other chart is one that I have wanted for a long time! I will do this for myself to hang in my bedroom.

And this is the 2nd deer that I did for DBIL for Christmas! I'm glad that I got them finished. The one for DB is on brown hopscotch material and DBIL's is on this forest green one. I didn't want them to be just alike so they would be unique gifts! I lucked out and found 2 square oak frames that are the perfect size for these squares and they only cost $6.44 a piece! I was sure I would have to pay a fortune to my framer to make frames for them. I didn't think I would be able to find square frames that were just the right size! I can put the pieces in a frame by myself, so I've saved a lot of money!

I'm furiously working on my ornaments. They are so much fun to stitch! I'll show pics after our "teacher get-together."

I'm still trying to come up with something for my mom and my niece. I lucked up again and found lidded baskets at Michael's for 70% off! They had very tacky pictures on the lids. The pictures came off easily and I'm going to stitch something and put it on a padded mounting board and glue it to the top of the lid. Does that make sense? lol They will be sewing baskets. I have something I've already stitched for my sister - if I can find it!! I'm going to do one for myself, too! The problem with finding something to do is that the piece needs to be wider that it is tall. It's hard to find the right pattern that is that way! But I'll keep looking. If I don't get them done this year, I'll do them for next year! I've also started something for DD. I can't show it because sometimes she browses through my blog! I'll show a pic after Christmas. I've had several people asking me to post pictures of my decorations. I will soon - I don't have a digital camera and will have to use my "old-timey" camera and get the pics developed! I'll try to do that soon!

On the diet front - I've lost another 3 lbs. for a grand total of 49 lbs. I went to my dr. yesterday and he couldn't believe I had lost that much. My blood pressure was perfect!! I asked him about something for my migraines, but he said that if Imitrex makes my blood pressure shoot up, any of the other meds for migraines would, too. He said he could put me on a preventative med., but since I already take a lot of meds daily, he'd rather not. I'm going to try to reduce the stress in my life! I also told him about my neck pain. My neck has been really hurting. I've been taking Motrin and putting heat on it. I finally realized that the pain was really originating from a spot on my shoulder. He said that I had injured a tendon that goes from my shoulder to my neck. I can't pronounce or spell what he called it! lol Anyway, he said what I was doing was exactly the right thing to do and also gave me some muscle relaxers. Maybe someday I will be pain free! It seems that when one thing stops hurting, something else starts! I guess it's old age! lol

My mom is doing some better. She had a CAT scan and it showed nothing wrong. The dr. now wants to do an ultrsound of the veins and arteries going from her heart to her brain!? I've never heard of this, but, oh well! We want to find out why she's having these dizzy spells!

I'm having a terrible time with DD right now. She wants to take her boyfriend to my family's Christmas get-together, but I'm not comfortable with her taking him this year! My mom is in bad health; my sister is also in bad health; this is only our 2nd Christmas without my dad and my DS; it's my DB's 1st time getting to our get-together since my dad's death; and there are just a few of us left. We cut up a lot and have some silly family traditions; and I'm afraid we won't be comfortable to act like we normally do with a stranger there. It would be different if they were engaged, but they're not even going steady! It might be the last Christmas with my mom - she is not doing too good! Now DD says if he can't go, she won't go either! I told her that it was her choice rather to go or not; that she's 18 and can decide for herself. She'll probably go, but she's going to drive me crazy about it until after Christmas!

Well, better go and start stitching! Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!


Lucy said...

The horse pattern is really pretty! Oh, if there are crafts in a store, I'll be looking at them. Best of luck on DD and the boyfriend dilema....that's a tough one!

Wawanna said...

Congratulations on your weight loss and your lowered BP! It is so easy to gain and so very hard to lose those pounds. Your are to be highly commended. Just keep up with the motivation. About getting older.... its not fun. Hope your headaches will disappear and be no more. Did stitching cause your neck & sholder pain?

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Vicki, I love the praying hands!Yes, you are right about not being able to walk by a crafting section without looking more closely! I try to keep my hands in my pockets, but somehow, they come out and I have to touch!!! Next thing you know, I'm adding to my addiction!

So glad to hear about your weight loss! Keep it up! I hope you find what works for you to get through the pain. I found meditation helped my with my chronic pain.

As to the family issues about the upcoming holiday, I wish you peace throughout so you can enjoy your time with those special and important to you. The politics and dramatics can wait for another day/year. Enjoy being with your Mom and sister, share some laughs and make great memories!

Old4sure said...

Maybe this one will come through. Send me your address via email.
I have to send you a Christmas card, and I can't find your address.