Tuesday, November 6, 2007

House Happy Dance

I finished this piece yesterday. I really had fun stitching this. When DD looked at it, she said, "You're stitching in French?" lol I decided to leave November in French. I plan to do all the months' houses. I'm going to make a quilted wall-hanging with them. I'm going to make a tuck pillow for this so I can display it now. Then I can take it out when I'm ready to make the wall-hanging.

I'm going to do some ornaments next. There are 5 beautiful ornaments in the newest issue of the US Cross Stitcher. You use Kreinik fine braid as well as DMC threads. I've never stitched with the fine braid. Does anyone have any tips for me? Is it hard and is it worth the effort? I won't be showing pictures of these because some of the future recipients read my blog. I'll show them after our yearly Christmas party.

I'm thinking about setting up a rotation. I have so many things that I have started and want to finish, but I also have a lot that I want to start. I especially want to work on a piece I started that is in honor of my son.

DD and I went shopping yesterday. She needed some winter clothes to wear to her classes. I needed some DMC thread and salt! lol We had a ball. I try to do stuff with just her as much as I can. I have always tried to spend some "alone" time with each of my kids at least once a week. We would go out to eat or to the park or shopping, etc. This has meant so much - to them and to me! DS and I went to some counseling because of some problems he had gotten into with the law. The counselor asked the parents when was the last time they did something with their child - just the 2 of them. Some couldn't remember the last time they had; some said it had been ages; and some said never. I was the only one that could say that my son and I had gone out alone in the last week! I would get so tickled because my 18-year-old son would get a call on his cell phone from one of his friends while we were on our way to a restaurant or whatever, and they would ask him what he was doing. He would say, in that deep low voice of his, "I'm going out to eat with my mom." He would never cancel our outings to be with his friends. It was a very special time for both of us! Those memories of the times that I spent with just him - talking and cutting up - are very precious now! Anyway, back to DD - as we were leaving the Old Navy store, she turned to me and said, "I love doing things with you." I said, "Yeah, because I end up paying for most of what you buy!" lol She said, "No, I mean it. I love doing things with you. We have so much fun!" I almost broke down and cried right there in the parking lot! We may have some rough times, but we love each other with all our hearts! She also told me the other day that she was talking to a friend about how she wants to raise her children. I said, " Just like your mom?" and laughed. She said, "Yeah, that's what I said. I want to teach them to be independent and to think for themselves like you taught us." She went on to say that she wanted to be as close to her children as she is to me. Sometimes I worry that I wasn't a good mother - I guess if you lose a child, that's the main thing you worry about. It really helps to hear her say things like that!

Well, I'd better go and start one of those ornaments! Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!


Kendra said...

Cute finish...I love the colors! Can't wait to see the others as you work on them.

I've already got it planned that I'll do the same thing with my girls - some one-on-one time. I try to do that a bit now, but it's hard when they're young and both pretty dependent on Mommy!

Selina said...

Lovely finish :) Congrats :)

I am glad you and your DD had a great time and had much fun :)