Sunday, November 25, 2007

Christmas Everywhere!

I hope everyone had a very happy Thanksgiving! I had a very restful and happy one! The little piece above is what my DS made for me one year. He was only 7-years-old and it's the only thing he ever stitched, but he and Katie wanted me to teach them to cross stitch. Katie was only 5 so she never finished hers. This hangs on my refrigerator - it has since he did it and gave it to me! It's very precious to me!
I've been decorating for Christmas!! As I have said before - for several years before my son's passing, I had problems with my health and depression. So it has been years since I got out all of my Christmas decorations and decorated the house! Last year, I didn't even get my little tree up until Christmas Eve. But I feel a lot better this year! On Fri., Jerry and I got down all the Christmas decorations and packed up all of my usual doodads. I polished ALL the furniture and arranged ALL my Christmas goodies! I have a 3 piece wall unit with lots of shelves! Now they are full of Christmas treasures! It brought back so many happy memories of my kids when they were little! All the ornaments they had made through the years, ones with their pictures on them at different ages that they made for me at church, even some ornaments that my mom gave me that we put on our tree during my childhood! Christmas has always been a special time for me! The kids and I always made and decorated Christmas cookies. We made and decorated gingerbread houses at my mom's. Their daddy and I always took them on rides all around town to look at all the decorations. We would also drive up in the mountains to see all the decorations! I made zucchini bread loaves for all the neighbors, and the kids and I would deliver them to everyone on Christmas Eve. We always bought Christmas gifts for 2 children who wouldn't have gotten anything so that the children could feel how wonderful giving to others feels! So many happy memories! Although Glenn isn't with us physically, I know he's here in spirit, and remembering all these happy memories keeps him alive in my heart. So Christmas is not a sad time for me! It's even more precious than it was before we lost Glenn!
I hope all of you are making wonderful memories with your families!! Because no matter what happens to you, no one and nothing can take those memories away from you! Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!


patternnuts said...

God Bless you as well Vicki! I love reading your posts- they are so lovely! :)

Anonymous said...

What precious memories you have. I am so happy your in a happy place right now and you are sharing your special moments with others. Thank you, you are a very special person. Will you post some pics of your decorations. I would love to see them. Take Care.

msstitch01 said...

I would love to see some photos of your decorations Vicki. It's great to have wonderful memories of special family get togethers. I mean, special people that we have lost are always in our minds, but seem to be more so at this time of year. I just love Christmas trees and would love to see a picture of yours with all of your special ornaments.