Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Lots of New Stash

I went over to the LNS and treated myself to some new stash! The pattern above is what I got when I was over there a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to show everyone what I got that day. This chart was on a sale table. I really fell in love with it, especially because Santa's legs and shoes remind me of my Papa, who died over 20 years ago. He had big thighs and wore shoes like these. I know that sounds weird, but it really reminded me of him! Plus I really like it!

I also got the leaflet above during that first visit. I even bought the perforated plastic to do these on. I probaby won't be able to do any of these before this Christmas. But I plan to do some for next Christmas. This wasn't on sale - I know you're shocked that I bought something that wasn't on sale! lol

Now this is one of the things I bought yesterday! I have wanted to do a Mirabilia chart ever since I first saw you stitchers doing them! I'm going to do this next year for my DD. She loves purple. I haven't showed it to her. I'm going to do it when she's not around so that it will be a BIG surprise!

And this is the Mirabilia I'm going to do for myself!!! I think she is so beautiful! I didn't buy any material to do them on yesterday. I'm going to buy that after Christmas! This is the most I have ever spent for a single pattern, but I decided I was worth it!!

Last but not least - I also got this yesterday. This and The Lady of the Mist (the one in the previous picture) were on my wish list! I spent a lot of time Sunday looking at on-line needleshops and made a list of patterns I would like to get. It has over 30 things on it - like I could even do 30 more things than what I already have planned to do! But one can hope, anyway!! I told my mom if I should go before her, to pack my cross stitch stash around me in my casket and maybe I can take them to heaven with me!! lol But I just really liked the one above. It will remind me to be glad about each day, and to not dwell on the tragedies that have happened in my life! But back to my new stash - I'm definitely going to have to try a rotation after Christmas!!
Well, the plans for Thanksgiving have changed again. Mom doesn't feel well enough to go to my sister's, and my brother found out that Home Depot is not open on T. Day. I could have told him that! So they're not working on the floor tomorrow and I have been so down in the dumps lately that I really do want to spend some time alone - so we are back to the original plan! But please don't feel sorry for me - it's really what I want and need right now!! Holidays are very hard - without my son. I can make it through Christmas and will have a wonderful Christmas, but it takes a lot out of me and doing Thanksgiving also would really do me in! I really need some quiet and solitude before I start the whole Christmas thing!
That's about all the news I have! I have almost finished 4 of the ornaments that I'm making for my teaching-friends. I can't show pics right now because several of them read my blog! I wish I could; they are turning out so pretty. I just hope I can finish finish them so that they look like the ones in the pictures! I'm doing one for myself and will put it together first, so I can figure it out and get some practice before I do any that are gifts! Well, got to go! Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!


msstitch01 said...

Great stash Vicki. I think that choosing and drooling over the purchase of a pattern and then choosing fabric and colours is at times even better than actually stitching the piece.

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Vicki, I love your holiday chart! Isn't that something, I also pick projects that remind me of someone I knew/know...makes it that much more enjoyable to sit and stitch, don't you think?

Wawanna said...

Great stash, such fun and it does lift your spirits! We spent a quiet day to day, KoKo has her surgery early in the morning...Hope you enjoyed your quiet time today.

patternnuts said...

Maybe you could email some pics of your WIPs/finishes to me then so I could have a peek? *grins

Old4sure said...

Great patterns. I like the two you picked for DD and you too.
I found a packet I had gotten on a sale table and have decided to do it in my spare time this winter. I am writing again, working jigsaw puzzles, still visiting Dad two or three times a week, play around on the computer...ha!....and do my writing on it too, have my grandkids over often, and such things. I also sub 7 days a month. It is all ss lets me do and get my social security money.
Check you later.

Ranae said...

Great stash and great taste. You pick some really neat things to stitch.
Happy Stitching!
Happy Weekend!