Sunday, August 26, 2007

Stitch or Read?

Here's my progress on the deer for DB. I didn't get as much done as I thought I would. I lost my stitching mood and found my reading mood instead! I'm also in the mood to start new pieces. I've had to cancel a few of my charity squares because I signed up for too many, and my life has gotten more complicated than it used to be. I got out the material to start another quilt square, but in the mail the other day I got my material and chart to do my quilt square for the firemen quilt a group of us charity stitchers are doing in memory of the Charleston firemen who were killed. I decided to start it next. It's a fairly simple pattern and shouldn't take me too long to do! I think I'm beginning to panic because I'll have to start subbing VERY soon, and I won't have much time to stitch then!

I got a call last night from the substitute system for a job. It's set up on a computer; so you don't actually talk to a "live" person. You have to punch in numbers to answer the questions it asks you; and it's been so long since I last punched in my pin number that I couldn't get it right last night! I had looked up my number earlier to make sure I remembered it right, but I just couldn't get it punched in right. I guess my subconscious self just didn't want to start subbing yet! lol So I didn't get the job! I hope I get another call tonight - I really need to start subbing, whether I like it or not! lol
As for my reading - I started A Place of Execution by Val McDermid. It's a murder mystery set in the 1960s. I'm a child of the 60s so it's bringing back a lot of happy memories! I've had it for quite a while, but just never got around to reading it. Like my cross stitch stash, I have paperback books stuck around everywhere! I found it when I cleaned out my roll-top desk to make a good place for DD to study. I wish I could read and stitch at the same time! I ought to check out some books on tape from the library, but I really enjoy the feel of a paperback book in my hands! Is that weird or does anyone else out there feel that way!?
That's about all I have to say today. Better get busy on that fireman square! Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!


Kendra said...

I'm with you...I like to have a book in my hands in order to read. I've never listened to a book on tape and don't think I would like that. I like reading the words and digesting them in my head, not listening to someone else reading. I don't think I would be able to really get into a book on tape like I do when I read myself.

The deer piece is pretty...I like that fabric!

Barbeeque4 said...

What a great start on the Christmas present, I also took a sampler in to be framed for my Mom. Christmas will be here before you know it!! Good luck with the subbing.

Crystal said...

I love your deer! I think the deer is one of the prettiest creatures made.

Great news on your daughter!

Itching To Stitch said...

Nice start on your deer ;)

Mary Ann said...

Lovely start on the deer! Have you had a busy week subbing?