Sunday, September 2, 2007

Subbed All WeeK

He needs his antlers, but here is my progress on the deer for my DB. Yes, Mary Ann, I subbed all week! I didn't get to stitch any until last night! I got a call last Sun. from the assistant principal at a very good middle school. They had a class that they had not hired a teacher for, and she asked if I would sub the whole week. Four of the classes only had 6 or 7 students in them, because they were 7th and 8th grade language arts assistance classes for students who didn't do so good on the standardized tests last year. The other class was a regular 7th grade language arts class, but it was a block class - it lasted 2 periods. However, they were very good students, and I didn't have any problems. The only drawback was that I had to make up my own lessons, but I'm pretty good at winging it! lol But I was exhausted everyday when I got home!! I had to take a nap everyday, and we ate sandwiches or take-out every night! When you have to talk all day, and you're not used to it, it really wears you out!! I don't see how you stitchers who work full time get as much stitching done as you do!! I'm really impressed!

Everyday in each class I had a "warm-up activity" for them to do as soon as they entered. (This gets them seated and quiet as soon as possible!) On Fri., I had them write a letter to me telling me what they thought of my subbing - what they liked and what I could have done differently and any advice they had for me. The letters were really sweet! No one said anything bad about me. (surprise!) But one letter was so humorous. This is what one young man said:
"As far as over-all teaching skills go, I can see no flaws. I can tell you that you've succeeded in doing your job, for I have learned quite the number of things from you. I dicsarded one complaint of me feeling uncomfortable with you teaching this class, because of the mellow dramatic substitute switch." (They had a different sub the week before.) This one really tickled me! lol

Now in the picture above you can see Bebe's handiwork (the puppy). She chews on everything! I couldn't believe she got my cross stitch and chewed the corner! Thank goodness it was a corner! No matter where I put my cross stitch stuff, she manages to get to it!

We're going to cook out tomorrow for Labor Day. We're going to grill steaks!! I can't wait!

Better go! I'm going to rest today and stitch! Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!


Mary Ann said...

I thought you must have been subbing--glad to hear that it was a good week!

Nice progress on the deer!

Have a Happy Labor Day and enjoy your cookout--steak--YUM!!

Itching To Stitch said...

Ack!! Puppy chewing up cross stitch, that's a no-no. Your deer looks great ;)

Ranae said...

Bebe must be jealous of the time you spend stitching and not playing with her, lol.
At least it was the corner, if anywhere.
I hope the steak was tasty today.

Alberta ('Berta) said...

Vicki, it sounds like you have a great atmosphere in your classes...lucky students!

Hopefully Bebe will find something more suitable to chew on - soon!