Saturday, August 25, 2007

New Project

Thursday night DB took my mom and me out to a seafood restaurant for my mom's birthday! We had a great time and went over to his new house for me to see it! I really like it. It's an older house with hardwood floors and ceramic tiles on the kitchen and bathroom floors. I got so excited for him that I started his Christmas present! The picture above is what I am going to stitch for him and my brother-in-law for Christmas. They both collect anything that has to do with deer! It's on hopscotch material. I got 2 pieces many years ago very cheap at Big Lots. I've just never gotten around to stitching snything on them. Then last fall my sister, mom and I went to a LNS and I found this book in a sale bin. It's Hopstitch Classics by Canterbury Designs. I bought it just for the deer pattern.

And here is my progress so far. This piece of hopscotch is brown as you can see (a little!). The other piece is forest green like the picture of the finished piece. I was planning to make them into pillows, but there is the perfect place in my brother's hall to hang it as a picture! Plus - since it's a mounted deer head, it seems to me like it should be hanging on the wall. Let me know what you think!

God certainly takes care of you if you trust Him! My brother gave me a $100 bill Thursday night. In the past I have loaned him money when he needed it, and he hasn't always paid me back. So he called me Wed. and said he wanted to give me some money. We really needed it bad to buy some groceries! As I have said before, when I retired, I took a major cut in my pay. I do fine when I am subbing, but I haven't been able to save much for the summer when I don't work at all. I will start getting calls for sub jobs in the next few days, but we really needed a little money to pick up a few groceries. DD is spoiled and really wasn't happy when we had a big pot of black-eyed peas with rice and onions! lol (This is one of my favorite meals. We had it a lot when I was little!) I had prayed that God would help us make it to next Fri. when I get my retirement check, and out of the blue DB gives me this money!! I'm going to save money for next summer!! (even if we have to eat black-eyed peas and rice once a month! lol)

DD hasn't heard from the "crazy" exboyfriend since the windshield episode. Thank goodness! I think she realizes she needs to be more careful when picking out friends. She tends to take on down and out guys. She loves to help people. I hope she knows now that you can't always help people like that - they will just pull you down with them! She is a very good girl - no drugs, alcolol, etc. She just has a weakness for people she thinks she can help! I think it has something to do with her brother dying so young! I think she thinks she is honoring Glenn by helping guys the age he was when he died. Alcohol was involved in my son's death; so she tries to reform these guys.

Jerry's gone to Hilton Head for the weekend to check on the house he built there and is trying to sell; so I have the weekend to myself! I have been so busy this week! I'm going to cuddle up in my stitching chair with the TV on and do nothing but stitch!! I even have left-over shrimp from our birthday feast the other day; so I don't even have to cook!!

Better go! Have a day full of happy moments, and may God bless you!

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