Friday, August 17, 2007

Not Much Cross Stitching Going On

I've had some problems finishing the Guardian Angel. After cross stitching almost constantly for over 2 years, I seem to have lost my CS mojo! We've been so busy with stuff around here. I've also really gotten into doing sudoku puzzles. But I'm going to make myself finish her today! I usually enjoy backstitching, but just can't seem to get into it right now!
DD and her dad have been busy trying to find her a new car! Her Dodge Neon just wasn't going to last many more DAYS!! It was konking out every day, and we couldn't afford to sink anymore money into it! Finally, yesterday they found a 2003 Honda Civic advertized in the paper and went to see it. And they bought it!! It's beautiful!! It's a dark blue (but not navy), gray interior, sun roof, auto everything, cd player, low mileage, and looks like new - not a scratch. They bought it from the owner and even talked him down $1000! She absolutely loves it. She wanted a blue Honda Civic, but was willing to take anything! So she was really excited when she got exactly what she wanted! She had to have a better, reliable car before she started her classes on Mon.! She's so excited about starting college!! I hope she keeps up that enthusiasm!
I'm looking forward to subbing again. Since I've lost a good bit of weight, I think I won't get as tired or frustrated with the students. And yes, I'm still on my diet! I did break down the other day, and DD and I got Reese's Cup Shivers from TCBY. It's been so long since I had one that it didn't taste right! lol I have my mind so set on this diet that things that aren't on my diet don't taste good to me! I guess that's really good!! I'm still trying new recipes and have tried lots of new vegetable dishes. I was always a "can" person - just opening a can of veggies and heating them up. But now I'm into fresh veggies. DD loves squash - summer and zucchini! So we're eating lots of squash!
Better go - lunch time! DD and I have ordered subs! Have a day full of happy moments ,and may God bless you!


Barbeeque4 said...

Your angel and friends look great!!! It really pops with the backstitching.

Ranae said...

GA is looking so good. Love the lamb/sheep. Have a great weekend.

chiloe said...

the lamb looks so good !!! don't give up ;-)

Itching To Stitch said...

Your angel looks beautiful, hang in there. Good news about DD finding a car ;)