Wednesday, August 22, 2007

More Drama from DD

I haven't been stitching too much the last few days, but here's my progress on Patchwork Garden. There's been a lot going on around here! I've only been working on this piece when I grab a few minutes to stitch. I'm really enjoying it, and it really relaxes me - no deadlines on it!

DD had a very upsetting episode with the guy she's been seeing. He is constantly having her take him places (using her - really)! He is on disability and doesn't work - although he cuts the grass and doesn't seem to have any problems that I can see. He asked her to take him someplace on Sunday night and promised to give her $5.00 for gas. Then when they got to the gas station and put in gas, he refused to give her the money. He does this every time - I guess DD is a slow learner! This time she locked him out of the car in an attempt to make him pay her. He jumped on the roof of her car and sat down on her front windshield and broke the windshield! The windshield on the new car she had had for 3 days! Then he called his mother and she went over there and then they said DD ran over him and that's how the windshield got broken. I have been having a bad feeling about him for several days - we had tried to tell DD that we were afraid of him and that she needed to not have anything alse to do with him! He had started calling her all the time - at work and even going over to her work! She had decided to quit having anything to do with him, but she thought she needed gas money. I don't know why she hangs around with these deadbeat people! None of them work and they sponge off of everyone else! She's not getting anything out of the relationships, but she's definitely putting a lot into them! Her dad went ballistic when he found out about the car and everything! Our insurance is going to replace the windshield without any charge to us. We have told her not to have anything else to do with him. I am really afraid of him!! Her dad told her that if he calls again, to tell him not to contact her again. Then if he does, we are going to call the police!

All this happened the night before she started her first college class!! So in addition to that drama, we have been trying to get her books and get her started! We were very fortunate - she was able to get some of the state lottery money and a grant from the federal government. Plus whatever isn't covered by those will be put into a loan that her dad and I are going to pay off. I highly recommend that if any of you want your children to go to college but can't afford it, check into getting financial aid! Her books are covered in these grants, but she put off sending in her application so long that the money is not in her account yet. We went over there today and got it all straightened out and she got her books today. We were also able to get enough in the loan to get her a laptop. She has been doing good about her studying so far!!

I'm going to spend the day with my mom tomorrow to celebrate her birthday. Then when my brother gets off from work, he's going to take my mom and me out to dinner! Thank goodness because I have very little money right now!

Need to go - I'm very tired! Have a day full of happy moments and may God bless you!


Itching To Stitch said...

Well, your stitching looks great.

So sorry you're DD is having difficulties. This guy does sound scary. I have teenagers and I look forward to the day that they're mature enough to make good decisions and I won't have to worry about them so much (if that's possible).

chiloe said...

Your DD's boyfriend does sound scary!!! We can't help wonder how can't she not see that herself !!!? You got lucky it didn't make more damage to her car ... Has she merant her lesson?

Crystal said...

I hope everything goes well with your DD's exboyfriend. Do call the police if he keeps contacting her.

Glad that she's all ready for college. My daughter just graduated from college and received the lottery money all four years. It paid 75% of her tuition.

Good luck and great stitching!

Ranae said...

Gosh! What a unforunate story. I hope everything will get better. You cant tell those darn kids nothing, can you? lol. Well, the stitching looks great. Take Care!!

Barbeeque4 said...

PG is looking really nice. Sorry to hear about you DD, hope everything works out OK. That "boyfriend" does not sound like a nice or good person.

Take care of yourself!!!

Kendra said...

Goodness, he sounds scary! I hope she's learned to stay FAR away from this kind of person in the future. And keep track of him now...hopefully he doesn't decide to stalk her or something like that!