Sunday, March 25, 2007

Happy Dance!

I have finally finished the PM girls! I'm going to take out my name and the heart at the bottom and redo them going down the side. The picture is too big with it at the bottom. I plan to have this in the mail tomorrow!! I really like how this turned out. I have never done a large PM pattern. When my children were little, I did 2 very small PM babies that I got from a mag. I plan to do some more. I think my great-niece would really like them.

This is a spring project that I started yesterday for myself. I'm going to make this into a pillow to brighten my house!! It's Bugs and Blooms Tote. It was in the Dec. 2006 issue of Stoney Creek Cross Stitch Collection mag. They showed it on a totebag. But I want it on a pillow!

This is how much I got finished yesterday. I am doing it on 11 count Aida using 3 strands of DMC floss. After doing the very hard PM girls, I decided I wanted to do something very simple!! Plus there is very little backstitching - the PM girls had so much backstitching!!
I am not going to just stitch this, though. I have 2 squares that I have to do for Love Quilts that are due next week. I doubt I will get them finished in time. I subbed so much the last 3 weeks that I got way behind on my charity stitching!
Now for the news on the homefront - DD has drifted in a few times since Fri. She came in very jolly Fri. night, before she found out that I told her BF that she would have to leave, too. Then she wasn't as sweet to me as she had been!! We're kind of giving each other some space until things die down. It has been so peaceful here!! She did upset me last night. She took my car without permission!! Her car's battery was dead and I just couldn't afford to buy her a new one right now!! I gave her a key to my car, because I had locked my keys in the car a few times and we had to get a locksmith to open it. She didn't think I would go out on Saturday, because I rarely go out on the weekends, but that is going to change! I wanted to go and get some white material to do those charity squares on and there was NO car!! I got so angry! I called her cell phone. She has caller ID and did not pick it up. I left this message, "Where is my car?! Bring my car back right now! It is 7:30 right now! If my car is not back in 15 minutes, I will call the police and report it stolen and I will give them your name and cell phone number!!!" She didn't call me back. After about 13 minutes, I called her again and this time she picked up. She said she was on her way home. When she got here, I made her give me back the key to my car, got in my car, and drove away. I went and got the material and then visited my son's grave and then drove around for over an hour with my windows down and the wind blowing in my new short hair!!! I had a ball!! The really weird thing is that I had a quarter of a tank of gas when I started out and I have very little money so I don't just go out riding much anymore with gas costing so much, but I love to just go riding!! But last night after all that riding around, when I got home I still had a quarter of a tank of gas!!! God can really do miracles!! Well, I have to go. The dogs are out of food (they only eat dry dog food, thank goodness. That dog food recall is so scary!). They want their morning meal. They keep going where I keep their food and just stand there in front of it and stare at it. I'm sure they can't figure out why I don't feed them!! I am going to pick up a few groceries!! Have a happy day everyone!!


Jenna said...

Vicki, your strength never ceases to amaze me! I'm glad that you were able to get your DD to bring the car home so that you could go do what you needed to do. And I'm glad that you managed to make a joy ride out of it! You go girl!

The needle & I said...

That is so precious, lovely work. I hope things go better for you.