Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Bad Computer!

It must be my computer at home that is the reason I can't post. This computer at school lets me, but last night, my computer at home still wouldn't let me. I guess I will have to get the computer at home fixed!
I did some of the backstitching on the PM girls last night. I'm not quite as tired every afternoon after I get home as I was last week! I really haven't subbed much since Christmas and have really gotten lazy. All the walking at school really tired me out last week, but this week it's a lot easier. I may be continuing in this class next week. The teacher's mother passed away, and he has to take care of all the legal matters. His mother lived in another state, so he will have to be in that state to get everything settled. I hope I do get to stay here longer. The kids are very good, and we are into a good routine. After I have subbed in this class for 10 consecutive days, I will get paid as a regular teacher, which will increase my pay by about $100 a day!! I really need that money. (I could actually buy some new stash!! I haven't bought anything in a while!)
DD and her BF put up 2 tents in the backyard, and they have been sleeping out there the last few days. It still gets pretty cool at night, but they say they're not cold!! I told her they should get their rooms cleaned up real good and then just live out in the tents. lol They have had a couple of other girls over on the weekends.
My "babies" (the dogs) are not very happy with me working. When we get up early, they know I'm going to work. As soon as the alarm goes off, they start whining and pouting. It's really funny. They try to keep me from getting dressed - Sugar bites my pants and pulls on them as I am trying to put them on. Coco sits on my shoes and won't let me put them on or tie them. It's really very funny!! Then when I leave, they follow me to the door, howling and barking. I really miss them during the day, but they are so excited to see me when I get home every afternoon!
Well, it's about time for me to go home. Happy stitching everyone!

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patternnuts said...

the love of pets and yummy stash. What more can a stitcher ask for?