Sunday, July 15, 2007

Started "Autumn Sampler"

I just couldn't wait any longer! I started the Janlynn Autumn Sampler last night. Autumn is my favorite time of the year! I love the cool temps. and the colors! I'm going to work mostly on the charity squares that are due soon, but I will stitch on this a few minutes each day!

I'm working on this apple lady motif first. She's in the middle. This is definitely going slower than my charity squares! I love it! I really needed to do something that would challenge me! And this will do the job! lol

This is what I got stitched last night and today in between cooking and cleaning! There are a lot of different colors in those apples!

Mom didn't get over to my house yesterday; I went to her house instead! She's having a rough time with my brother there!! He's not easy to live with! He doesn't have a car, so he drives hers all the time. She's very particular about her car, and she misses being able to go places because he's always gone with it! She's scared to death that he's going to wreck her car! He also wants to stay up late and she can't go to sleep until he goes to bed! He smokes and she has bad asthma and even if he smokes outside, he still brings it in when he returns! He drinks - bad - and my mom and dad never had anything alcoholic in their home!! He's very sullen and hateful and doesn't want anyone to talk to him. He's also going around the house, pointing out what he wants to get when she dies! He seems to think he's entitled to all the antiques and items that are worth a lot! He hasn't been up here - helping to take care of Mom and Dad all these years!! My dad was always having health problems from the time he was 29-years-old. My brother wasn't up here everytime my dad was in the hospital; he wasn't going through all that stress and worry with us. Then when Mom was in her 60s, she had a heart attack and several other health problems. So if we weren't at the hospital with Dad, we were there for Mom!! Why does he think he should get everything?!! Plus, Mom gets so depressed because it's like he can't wait for her to die! He has no money so Mom is having to give him money everyday!! She's so stressed out with him there! It will be at least another month before he will have enough money to get his own place! I'm not sure my mom will live through another month with him!! I don't know what to do! I'm so stressed out and still grieving for my son!! I can't handle any more stress! Mom and I both have terrible anxiety attacks! I don't have room for him here at my house, and my sister is in very bad health, and she and my brother do not get along at all! We really didn't want him to come up here to live, but he came anyway and just expects us to take care of him and keep him up! Boy! I'm really on a rant! Aren't I!? Well, enough for today!

I tried another new recipe today - Honey Chicken. It was very good! Better get back to my stitching! Have a day full of happy moments and may God bless you!


Ranae said...

Wow! Autumn Sampler looks challengeing. Nice start on it. I hope you and mum do get feeling better. Maybe if you watch Jerry Springer , your life will seem
simple compared to his guests, lol. It always seems to work for me, hehe.

Mary Ann said...

Great start on Autumn Sampler!! I may have to get mine out this week and put a few stitches in it.

I feel sorry for your mom(and you)having do deal with the difficult situation. I hope the month goes quickly for her.

Kendra said...

My mom finished up Autumn Sampler earlier this year. If you're looking for something challenging, you found it! :-)

It's not really a difficult stitch, but with the color changes and half stitches, it's time-consuming. I think it took my mom about a year to do it.

Sorry to hear about your brother causing problems for your mom. :-(

tkdchick said...

Fantastic new start! I love autumn as well!