Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Happy Dance!! Fireman Teddy is finished and on his way to Timothy's quilt at Cole's Quilts. I was determined to get him finished yesterday, but the dogs were not cooperative. All 3 furry babies wanted to sit in my lap at the same time ALL DAY LONG! I stayed up until 2:30 this morning to finish him! I'm going to start another square today. It's one of the Precious Moments girls - a Princess. I'll show a pic tomorrow.

Alberta, thanks for mentioning my blog on your blog! I tried to leave you a comment, but either blogger or my computer wouldn't let me! Alberta's blog is Busy Hands, Happy Hearts.

Not much happening around here right now - just stitching! Have a day full of happy moments!


Old4sure said...

That baby does look just like his Dad. I remember Rusty when he was about 8 or 9. How time flies.

Mary Ann said...

A wonderful finish, Vicki!! I can't wait to see the next one!

Margaret said...

Love your two latest quilt square finishes Vicki - the kids will love them.
What a little cutie Thomas is. Yes he sure looks like his dad. It is so nice when the receiver of a stitched piece knows how much love & expense when into it. Glad Mandy did.
It really is a shame that children don't learn board games any longer. It is so good for them in so many ways. Hopefully you'll get some of them hooked. Wouldn't that be great?
Looking forward to seeing your next project.