Monday, July 16, 2007

More Charity Stitching

I worked all day today on the PM Princess for Mikala's quilt at Love Quilts. I didn't work any on Autumn Sampler today. I really got into the PM piece and couldn't put it down. I'm going to work a good bit tomorrow on AS. This PM girl is much simpler than the last one I did with the 2 girls with flowers!

I didn't really stitch all day today. I had a very bad anxiety attack last night. I started having them after my son died. At first I had them all the time. Now I don't have them very often, but every few days, it will all hit me again and then it's just like I am reliving the morning the detectives came to tell me that my car had been pulled from a lake and that a body was in it and did my son have any birthmarks or scars on his body so they could determine if the body was my son or not? I can't breathe - it feels like someone's hands are around my neck choking me. And it also feels like a knife has been thrust into my chest. I start screaming and crying and can't stop until I take my anxiety medicine. The next day after one of these attacks, I'm usually sick to my stomach all day or I have a migraine. Today it was my stomach and it was bad! As long as I stay in bed or sitting down, I do okay, but if I get up, I double over with my stomach hurting! So I was able to stitch as long as I was sitting. I couldn't cook so we ordered delivery for lunch and dinner.

On a brighter note - DD went to her first day at work in the bakery department of Ingles and she loved it!! She had to put the cookies on a big cookie sheet and put them in the oven. She also practiced cake writing. She said they're very laid back in that department and she liked the other 3 ladies she will be working with. She can't wait to go back tomorrow! I am so happy for her!

Better go. I need to get to bed and hope that tomorrow will be better! Have a happy day and may God bless you!


Mary Ann said...

Oh, your princess is looking lovely! She is going to be beautiful on the quilt!! I hope you were feeling better today--(HUGS)

tkdchick said...

I just can't imagine having anxiety attacks and they sound just horrible. However I do completely understand the migraines and how dibiltating they can be I've been a sufferer for over 20 years.