Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth!

Happy 4th of July to everyone!! We are celebrating with a cookout tonight - just hamburgers- and a watermelon! We had invited my mom and brother, but Mom doesn't feel like it. And DD has been invited to her friend's for a big family get-together and she'd rather do that. SO it will just be DD's Dad and myself. But that's okay with us. We're both pretty tired.

You can see my progress on Sea Life above. I have most of the backstitching finished. I am going to finish it today and mail it tomorrow. It's going to be late, but the quilter usually waits 2 weeks to sew the quilt, so maybe it will get there in time. I really like this square and enjoyed stitching it.

Bebe, the new puppy, is into cross stitching, too. She loves to get my threads and play with them. I have a round sewing basket that I keep my current project in, and it sits on the floor by my chair. I have had to move it up higher to keep it away from Bebe. She also loves the outdoors and loves to bring part of it inside - sticks, leaves, dirt, etc. But she's just so adorable, I can't get mad at her! She sleeps on my bed now, along with the other 2 furbabies. It's pretty crowded! lol But we all stay good and warm!

I'm joining 8 other stitchers to do a quilt in memory of the firefighters who died in the fire in Charleston. We are each doing a square. It will be sent to one of the fire chiefs and hung in a fire station there in Charleston. I'm so glad these ladies included me - it's a group of us who stitch for Love Quilts. I really wanted to do something in memory of these firemen!

DD's Dad has gotten another offer to enter a bid for a job. We're real excited! He went to Hilton Head over the weekend to check on the house he built there. We hope it will sell soon. I really missed him while he was gone. I got very depressed and had a bad spell Monday. My brother arrived from Florida on Sat., but I haven't felt like going to see him yet. Most days I stay at home - it's just hard making myself leave the house! I hope he understands.

Well, better go. I need to fix lunch! Have a happy day and may God bless you!

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