Saturday, December 30, 2006

Past Finishes

Today I'm posting pictures of some of the things I've stitched in the past and have in my home. Most of the things I have stitched were given to others as gifts. This is a quilted/cross-stitched wall hanging I did in 1994. I did the cross-stitch and my mom made it into a small quilt for me. It is my favorite thing I have done that is hanging in my house.

The picture above hangs over my sink in the kitchen. In the small box in the middle it says,
"Vicki's Country Kitchen." I still like my country decorating, even if it isn't the style anymore! LOL I did it in 1993. It came from an old Cross Stitch and Country Crafts magazine.

This hangs over my roll-top desk in my den. I love farm themes and cows. Before my husband and I separated, we had a farm. We had a couple of horses, lots of cows, cats, and a dog. I really miss the farm. I'm not sure where this graph came from. I finished this in 1996. It says, "For I have learned, in whatever state I am, to be content. Phil. 4:11." This is one of my favorite verses from the Bible.

The welcome above hangs in my entry hall. It came from one of my old magazines, but again I don't know which one. I finished this in 1987, before my husband and I separated. I was really impressed when my framer made the mat so perfect!

The sampler above is one of the hardest things I've cross-stitched. I started it in 1991, right after I left my husband, and finished it in 1994. It is a reproduction of an antique sampler, The Agnes Eland Hick's Sampler. The original was stitched in 1858. A funny story about this sampler - (although it wasn't funny at the time!) my son and daughter would get jealous if I did other things that didn't involve them. They were 5-years-old and 3-years-old. My daughter (3) would hide the books I was reading, and my son (5) cut this sampler! Luckily he cut it in the border that didn't show when it was framed. I was so upset!

This cross-stitched piece is very precious to me. I didn't do it. My dad did! My mother had started cross-stitching back in 1979 when I started. Finally in the early 90s my dad expressed an interest in trying it. So my mom taught him. He was very good at it and did quite a few pieces. He did this in 1992. He also did it for my brother and sister and gave them to us that Christmas. Now that he is not with us anymore, this is very special!

I have other things that I will show at another time. I have noticed something while posting these pictures - I really like Welcomes! LOL I didn't realise I had so many hanging in my home!

I haven't done much stitching today. I've had a migraine headache. I have managed to go through some things in the garage (I'm trying to get it cleaned out!) The headache has been coming and going, so I've worked during the "going" parts. LOL Better go - my head's not hurting much now - maybe I can get some stitching in! Happy stitching!

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Mary Ann said...

I so enjoyed looking at all of your lovely finishes! And the ornament you posted yesterday is so cute. I also went overboard on the charity quilt square sign-ups!! I guess we will both be busy! :-)