Friday, December 15, 2006

Finished Ornaments

I've finally finished the teacher-friends' ornaments. The one on the top is the last one I stitched. The other one is one I've already shown before, but I wanted to show how it looked finished. They all turned out so cute! I won't show all of them. Too many pictures. I put red felt on the backs of them so the stitching back wouldn't show. The party is tomorrow, so I got them finished just in time! It will be so much fun to see these friends again.

Yesterday I went shopping all day and got most of my gifts. I just haven't found something for the men yet. I always have trouble coming up with ideas for them.

DD quit her job yesterday. She didn't like her boss. Of course, she would quit before Christmas when she hasn't bought any presents for her friends, and she has spent all the money she has made on other stuff. Now she expects me to give her money for her friends' gifts. And money is very tight this year. She knew I was expecting her to use her own money to buy for her friends! Plus now I will have to give her money for gas for her car, also. Teenagers!

We had a very good time today. DD and I like to play board games. I had bought the game Life for my great-niece, but then decided to give her some Barbie clothes instead. SO we decided to keep the game since we've lost most of the parts to the Life game we had. I beat her twice (which I rarely do) and she won once. I really enjoy doing things with her.

Well, I'm going to go. I like to watch The Ghost Whisperer and it's on. Happy stitching!

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