Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Latest Finish

This is the piece for my niece's totebag. I did this in one week! Of course, I stitched almost all day each day! I really like it and plan to do one for myself to make into a pillow. I am also doing it for a charity square for Hannah G. at Love Quilts. It is Picnic Sweatshirt designed by Diane Arthurs from Imaginating, Inc. The scanned picture is darker than it really is. I just adore the ants and ladybugs! I love bright colors and, like I said before, folkartsy stuff. But after Christmas I'm going to try some Quaker things. I've been so inspired by what I've seen on other blogs.

We had our teacher-friends party last Saturday. We had a great time! Everyone really liked their ornaments. I randomly passed out the ornaments except the one for the snowman collector, but each person got one that really matched their personality. I couldn't believe it! I got lots of neat stuff - lotion, shower gel, Christmas magnet, ivy plant, photo cube, and lottery tickets! We had a ball scrapping them to see if we had won. Two women won - one $2.00 and one $3.00.
I didn't win anything. I'm not a lottery person, but I like getting them from other people!

I only have to finish the cross-stitch for my mom's tote and put all the pieces on the totebags and I'll finally be ready for Christmas. I can't believe I actually got them done. I only have a little bit to do on my mom's. I should be able to finish it tomorrow. I also need to make a pillow for my daughter. I'll post a picture of what I stitched for her later. I don't want her to see it 'til Christmas.

While I was stitching today, DD was also stitching. She's doing a Noah's ark. She is very good, especially since she's only stitched 4 things. The Noah's ark she's doing is a kit and it's pretty hard. Her best friend, Alex, was here, too. She wanted to learn to cross-stitch, too. So I taught her how today. She's doing a very simple reindeer ornament that I found on the net. It's very cute, and she is really a natural stitcher. She's doing a very good job. Well, better go to bed so I can get up early in the morning and get started on my stitching! Have a great day!

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SharLynn29 said...

Your finish is beautiful! Congrats.