Wednesday, June 13, 2007

A New Angel

This is the next square I am doing for Love Quilts. This is for Nevaeh R. This pattern is in Priscilla's Babyland by Gloria and Pat Designs. And the other picture is my progress so far.

My migraine FINALLY went away! I have felt much better. SO - I've been able to get back to my stitching. This pattern has too much ecru in it!! I don't like to stitch with the same color forever! I'm going to leave the ecru and work on another color for a while. I'm going to change the green parts to pink, because Nevaeh wants angels with pink. I want to do some summer pieces, but I have a lot of charity squares to do before July.

Things are going very good with DD's Dad here. He actually washes the dishes! Every Day!! I never saw him wash a single dish when we lived together as a married couple! He even washed the dishes yesterday while I was cross stitching. Because of my guilt trips, I started to say, "I'll do those; don't worry about them." But, I bit my tongue and let him do them and kept right on stitching! When we were together, I said something to him about him never helping me around the house. We both worked! He said, "You won't let me do anything!" Thinking about it, I guess he was right. I have a real hard time letting people do things for me. I got that from my mom! (the guilt trips,too) lol So, I'm trying real hard to "let" him do things around the house for me.

The puppy is doing good. DD is a little upset because the puppy wants to sit in my lap a lot. We've figured out that she wants to sit in my lap when she's ready to take a nap, and she wants to be with DD when she's ready to play. Sometimes I have all 3 dogs in my lap at once. Really makes it tough to cross stitch! My children sat in my lap (at the same time) until they were teenagers! I guess I have a good lap for sitting on! lol I will post a picture of the puppy as soon as I get the pics developed. I need a digital camera!!

Diet is going great! It's very easy to stick to. We're just eating the right way and watching the amounts we eat. I've been trying new recipes and found some really great ones that don't have many calories. If you're going to diet, I highly recommend trying different recipes; then you don't get tired of it so quickly! Also I make sure I have some kind of treat everyday that is on the diet. Then I don't crave something sweet and fattening!

Well, better go. Bebe is climbing my leg which means she's ready to take a nap. I also need to get to stitching! Have a great day and may God bless you!


Virpi said...

The angel looks so pretty. =)
Oh, poor you - migranes are the worst thing I know.

Carla said...

that angel is so cute!